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Latta School District Board Policy



          AA: School District Legal Status
          AC: Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity
                    ACB: Education Equity
                    ACE: Service Animals (Public)
          AD: Educational Philosophy/School District Mission
                    ADB: Drug-Free Schools
                    ADC: Tobacco-Free Schools
                    ADD: Face Covering
                    ADF: Wellness Policies on Physical Activity and Nutrition
          AE: Accountability/Commitment to Accomplishment
          AE-R: Accountability/Commitment to Accomplishment


          BA: School Board Operational Goals
          BB: School Board Legal Status
                    BBA: Board Powers and Duties
                              BBAA: Board Member Authority and Responsibilities
                    BBB: Board Membership - Appointment
                              BBBA: Board Member Qualifications
                              BBBC: Board Member Resignation
                              BBBE: Unexpired Term Fulfillment/Vacancies
          BC: Board Member Conduct
                    BCA: Board Member Code of Ethics
                    BCB: Board Member Conflict of Interest
          BD: Organization of the School Board
          BD-R: Board officers
                    BDD: Board-Superintendent Relationship
                    BDE: Board Committees
                    BDF: Advisory Committees
                    BDF-R: Advisory Committees
                    BDG: School Attorney/Legal Services
                    BDG-R: School Attorney/Legal Services
                    BDH: Board Consultants/Staff Assistants
          BE: School Board Meetings
                    BEC: Executive Sessions/Open Meetings
                    BED: Meeting Procedures/Bylaws
                              BEDA: Notification of Board Meetings
                              BEDB: Agenda
                              BEDG: Minutes of Board Meetings
                              BEDH: Public Participation At Meetings
                              BEDI: News Media Services At Board Meetings
                    BEE: Public Hearings
          BG: School Board Policy Process
          BG/BGD: Board Policy Process/Board Review of Administrative Rules
          BG/BGD-R: School Board Policy Process
          BI: School Board Member Services
                    BIA/BIB: New Member Orientation
                    BID: Board Member Compensation and Expenses
                    BIE: Board Member Insurance/Liability
          BJ: School Board Legislative Program
          BJ-R: School Board Legislative Program
          BK: School Board Memberships in Professional Associations


          CA: Administration Goals/Priority Objectives
          CB: School Superintendent
                    CBC: Superintendent's Duties and Responsibilities
                    CBD: Superintendent's Contract
                    CBI: Evaluation of Superintendent
          CC: Administrative Organization
                    CCA: Organization Chart
                    CCB: Line and Staff Relations
          CF: School Building Administration
                    CFA: School Principals/Building Administrators
                    CFC: Assignment and Transfer of Building Administrators
          CH: Policy Implementation
                    CH/CHA/CHB: Policy Implementation/Development of Administrative Rules
          CM: School District Annual Reports


          DA: Fiscal Management Goals/Priority Objectives
          DB: Annual Budget
          DC: Taxing and Borrowing
          DD: Funding Proposals, Grants and Special Projects
          DD-R: Funding Proposals, Grants and Special Projects
          DF: Revenues From Nontax Sources
                    DFG: Tuition Income
          DI: Fiscal Accounting and Reporting
                    DID: Inventories/Fixed Assets
                    DIE: Fiscal Accounting/Audits
                    DIE-R: Fiscal Accounting/Audits
          DJ: Purchasing
          DJ-R: Purchasing
                    DJG: Vendor Relations
                              DJGA: Sales Calls and Demonstrations
          DK: Payment Procedures
                    DKB: Salary Deductions
                    DKC: Expense Authorization/Reimbursement
          DN: School Properties Disposition


          EA: Support Services Goals/Priority Objectives
                    EBA: Building and Grounds Inspections
                              EBAB: Hazardous Materials
                    EBB: Accident Prevention and Safety Procedures
                              EBBA: Prevention of Disease/Infection Transmission
                              EBBA-R: Maintaining Healthy Environments
                    EBC: Emergencies
                    EBC-R: Emergencies
                    EBC-R2: Remote Work
                    EBC-R3: Remote Instruction
                    EBC-R4: Virtual Board Meetings
                              EBCB: Safety Drills
                              EBCE: School Closings and Cancellations
          EC: Buildings/Grounds/Property Management
                    ECA: Security
                              ECAC: Vandalism
                    ECB: Building and Grounds Maintenance
          ED: Materials and Equipment Management
          ED-R: Materials and Equipment Management
                    EDE: Waste Management and Recycling
          EE: Transportation Services
                    EEA: Student Transportation
                    EEA-R: Student Transportation
                              EEAE: Bus Safety Program
                              EEAE-E: Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Acknowledgement Form
                              EEAE-R: Bus Safety Program
                                        EEAEC: Student Conduct on Buses
                                        EEAEC-R: Student Conduct on Buses
                              EEAF: Special Use of Buses
                              EEAG: Student Transportation in Private Vehicles
          EF: Food Services
          EF-R: Student Meal Charge Policy
                    EFE: Competitive Food Sales/Vending Machines
                    EFE-R: Competitive Food Sales/Vending Machines
          EG: Office Services
                    EGA: Communication Services
                              EGAD: Copyright Compliance
                              EGAD-R: Copyright Compliance
          EH: Data Management
                    EHB: Data/Records Retention
          EI: Insurance Program/Risk Management


          FA: Facilities Development Goals/Priority Objectives
          FB: Facilities Planning
          FF: Naming Facilities


          GA: Personnel Goals/Priority Objectives
          GB: General Personnel Policies
                    GBA: Open Hiring/Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action
                              GBAA: Harrassment and Sexual Harassment
                              GBAA-E1: Sexual Harassment of Employees Complaint Form
                              GBAA-E2: Sexual Harassment Free Workplace Policy
                              GBAA-R: Harrassment and Sexual Harassment
                    GBB: Staff Involvement in Decision Making
                    GBC: Staff Compensation
                    GBE: Staff Rights and Responsibilities
                              GBEA: Staff Ethics/Conflict of Interests
                              GBEB: Staff Conduct
                                        GBEBA: Staff Dress Code
                                        GBEBB: Staff Conduct With Students
                                        GBEBB-R: Staff Conduct With Students
                                                  GBEBBA: Communication Devices
                                        GBEBC: Gifts to and Solicitations By Staff
                                        GBEBDA: Criminal Record Checks
                                        GBEBE: Gavin's Law (Sexual Extortion)(Staff)
                              GBEC: Drug-Free Schools
                              GBEC-E: Notice to Employees
                              GBED: Tobacco-Free Schools/Staff No Smoking/Smoking
                    GBG: Staff Welfare/Protection
                              GBGA: Staff Health
                                        GBGAA: Service Animals (Staff)
                                                  GBGAB: Lactation Accomodation
                              GBGD: Workers' Compensation
                    GBH: Staff Participation in Community Activities
                    GBI: Staff Participation in Political Activities
                    GBJ: Personnel Records and Files
                    GBK: Staff Concerns/Complaints/Grievances
                    GBK-E: Grievance Form
                    GBK-R: Staff Concerns/Complaints/Grievances
          GC: Professional Staff
                    GCA: Professional Staff Positions
                    GCB: Professional Staff Contracts
                              GCBD: Professional Staff Fringe Benefits
                    GCC: Professional Staff Leaves and Absences
                    GCC-E: Employee Rights and Responsibilities Under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
                    GCC-R: Professional Staff Leaves and Absences
                              GCCA: Instructional Staff Leaves and Absences
                                        GCCAB: Instructional Staff Emergency/Legal Leave
                                        GCCAC-GDCC: Paid Parental Leave
                                        GCCAD: Instructional Staff Military Leave
                                        GCCAE: Staff Conferences/Training/Workshops
                    GCD: Professional Staff Vacations and Holidays
                    GCE: Professional Staff Recruiting
                              GCEC: Posting and Advertising of Professional Staff Vacancies
                    GCF: Professional Staff Hiring
                    GCF-R: Professional Staff Recruitment and Employment
                              GCFB: Hiring of Administrative Staff
                    GCG: Part-Time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment
                    GCG-R: Part-Time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment
                    GCI: Professional Staff Development
                    GCK: Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers
                    GCK-R: Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers
                    GCLE: Unemcumbered Time
                    GCLE-R: Procedures for Unemcumbered Time
                    GCM: Professional Staff Work Load
                              GCMD: Instructional Staff Extra Duty
                    GCN: Supervision of Professional Staff
                              GCNA: Supervision of Instructional Staff
                    GCO: Evaluation of Professional Staff
                    GCO-R: Evaluation of Professional Staff
                              GCOA: Evaluation of Instructional Staff
                              GCOA-R: Evaluation of Instructional Staff
                    GCQ: Professional Staff Termination of Employment
                              GCQA/GCQB: Instructional Staff/Administrative Staff Reduction in Force
                              GCQC/GCQD: Resignation of Instructional Staff/Administrative Staff
                              GCQE: Retirement of Professional Staff
                              GCQF: Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff
                              GCQF-R: Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff
                    GCR: Nonschool Employment of Professional Staff
                              GCRD: Tutoring for Pay
          GD: Support/Classified Staff
                    GDA: Support Staff Positions
                    GDB: Support Staff Contracts and Compensation
                              GDBC: Support Staff Supplementary Pay/Overtime
                              GDBC-R: Support Staff Supplementary Pay/Overtime
                              GDBD: Support Staff Fringe Benefits
                    GDC: Support Staff Leaves and Absences
                    GDC-E: Family and Medical Leave Act (FLMA)
                    GDC-R: Support Staff Leaves and Absences
                    GDC-R2: COVID-19 Related Leave (Support Staff)
                              GDCAB: Support Staff Emergency/Legal Leave
                              GDCAD: Support Staff Military Leave
                    GDD: Support Staff Vacations and Holidays
                    GDF: Support Staff Hiring
                    GDJ: Support Staff Assignments and Transfers
                    GDO: Evaluation of Support Staff
                    GDQ: Support Staff Termination of Employment
                              GDQB: Resignation of Support Staff
                              GDQC: Retirement of Support Staff
                              GDQD: Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff
                              GDQD-R: Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff
                    GDR: Nonschool Employment By Support Staff


          IA: Instructional Goals and Learning Objectives
          IB: Academic Freedom
          IC: School Year
          ID: School Day
          IE: Organization of Instruction
          IG: Curriculum Development, Adoption and Review
                    IGCA: Service Learning
          IH: Curriculum Programs
                    IHA: Basic Instructional Program
                    IHA-E: Onsite Instruction Opt-Out Form
                    IHA-R: Opt-Out of Onsite Instruction
                              IHAA: English/Reading/Writing/Language Arts Education
                              IHAB: Mathematics Education
                              IHAC: Social Studies Education
                              IHAD: Science Education
                              IHAE: Physical Education
                              IHAF: Arts Education
                              IHAG: Music Education
                              IHAH: Foreign Language Education
                              IHAJ: Computer/Technology Literacy
                              IHAK: Character Education
                              IHAL: Teaching About Religion
                              IHAM: Health Education
                              IHAM-E: Opt-Out Form, CPR and AED Instruction
                              IHAN: Driver Training
                              IHAO: Environmental Education
                              IHAQ: Career/Transition-To-Work Education
                    IHB: Special Instructional Programs
                              IHBA: Special Education/Programs for the Handicapped/ Disabled Students
                              IHBA-E: Delegation of Rights to Make Educational Decisions
                              IHBB: Gifted and Talented Education
                              IHBC: Programs for At-Risk/Disadvantaged Students
                              IHBE: Bilingual Instruction
                                        IHBEA: Instructional Services for Limited English Proficiency Students
                                        IHBEA-R: Instructional Services for Limited English Proficiency Students
                              IHBF: Medical Homebound Instruction
                              IHBG: Home Schooling
                              IHBG-R: Home Schooling
                              IHBH: Charter Schools
                              IHBI: Kindergarten Programs
                                        IHBIB: Primary/Pre-Primary Education (Child Development)
                                        IHBIB-R: Primary/Pre-Primary Education (Child Development)
                    IHC: Extended Instructional Programs
                              IHCA: Summer School
                              IHCD: Advanced College Placement
                              IHCD-R: Advanced College Placement
                              IHCF: Childcare Programs
                    IHD: Adult/Community Education
          II: Instructional Arrangements
                    IIA: Grouping for Instruction
          IJ: Instructional Resources and Materials
          IJ-E: Notification of Rights Under the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA)
                    IJA: Comparability of Services
                    IJJ: Textbook Selection and Adoption
                    IJK: Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption
                    IJKA: Technology Resource Selection and Adoption
                    IJL: Library/Media Center Materials Selection and Adoption
                    IJN: Instructional Services
                              IJND: Technology Resources
                                        IJNDAA: Distance Education
                                        IJNDAA-R: Distance, Online and Virtual Education
                                        IJNDB: Use of Technology Resources in Instruction
                                        IJNDB-R: Use of Technology Resources in Instruction
                    IJO: Community Learning Resources
                              IJOA: Field Trips
                              IJOA-R: Field Trips
                              IJOB/IJOC: Resource Persons/School Volunteers
                              IJOC-R: School Volunteers
          IK: Academic Achievement
                    IKA: Grading/Assessment Systems
                    IKA-R: Grading/Assessment Systems
                              IKAA: Tests and Examinations
                              IKAB: Report Cards/Progress Reports
                              IKAC: Conferences
                                        IKACA: Parent Conferences
                                        IKADD: Content and Credit Recovery
                                        IKADD-E: Credit Recovery Application
                                        IKADD-R: Content and Credit Recovery
                    IKB: Homework
                    IKB-R: Homework
                    IKD: Honor Rolls
                    IKE: Promotion and Retention of Students
                    IKE-R: Promotion and Retention of Students
                              IKEA: Make-Up Opportunities
                    IKF: Graduation Requirements
                    IKF-R: Graduation Requirements
                              IKFC: Employability Credential
                              IKFC-R: Employability Credential
          IL: Evaluation of Instructional Programs
                    ILB: Test/Assessment Administration
                    ILB-R: Test/Assessment Administration
                              ILBB: State Program Assessments
                              ILBB-R: State Program Assessments
          IM: Miscellaneous Instructional Policies
                    IMB: Teaching About Controversial/Sensitive Issues
                    IMC: Controversial Speakers/Programs
                    IMD: School Ceremonies and Observations
                              IMDA: Patriotic Exercises
                              IMDB: Flag Displays
                              IMDC: Religious Observances and Displays
                    IMG: Animals in Schools


          JA: Student Policies Goals/Priority Objectives
          JB: Equal Education Opportunity/Nondiscrimination
                    JBAB: Student Gender and Orientation
          JC: School Attendance Areas
                    JCA: Assignment of Students to School
          JE: Student Attendance
          JE-R: Student Attendance
                    JEB: Entrance Age
          JF: Student Admissions To/Withdrawals From School
                    JFA: Admission Procedures
                              JFAA: Admission of Resident Students
                              JFAB: Admission of Nonresident Students
                                        JFABC: Transfers and Withdrawals
                                        JFABD: Admission of Homeless Students
                                        JFABD-E1: Dispute Resolution Procedures
                                        JFABD-E2: Written Notification of Enrollment Decision
                                        JFABD-E3: Written Notification of Enrollment Decision (Dispute)
                                        JFABD-R: Admission of Homeless Students
                              JFABE: Admission of Limited English Proficiency and Migrant Students
                              JFABF: Students in Foster Care
                    JFC: Student Withdrawal From School/Drop-Outs
          JH: Student Absences and Excuses
          JH-R: Student Absences and Excuses
                    JHA: Tardiness
                    JHC: Released Time for Students
                              JHCB: Released Time for Religious Instruction
                              JHCB-R: Released Time for Religious Instruction
          JI: Student Rights and Responsibilities
                    JIA: Due Process
                              JIAA: Sexual Harassment of Students
                              JIAA-E: Sexual Harassment Complaint Form
                              JIAA-E1: Sexual Harrassment and Retaliation Complaint Form
                              JIAA-R: Sexual Harassment of Students
                    JIC: Student Conduct
                              JICA: Student Dress
                              JICD: Student Conduct in School
                                        JICDA: Code of Conduct
                                        JICDA-R: Code of Conduct
                                        JICEA: School-Related Student Publications
                              JICF: Secret Societies/Gang Activity
                                        JICFA: Hazing
                                                  JICFAA: Harassment, Intimidation or Bullying
                                        JICFB: Gavin's Law (Sexual Extortion)(Students)
                              JICG: Tobacco Use By Students
                              JICH: Drug and Alcohol Use By Students
                              JICI: Weapons in School
                              JICJ: Possession/Use of Electronic Communication Devices in School
                              JIH: Student Interrogations, Searches and Arrests
                              JIH-R: Student Interrogations, Searches and Arrests
                              JIHC: Use of Metal Detectors
                              JIHC-R: Use of Metal Detectors
                    JII: Student Concerns, Complaints and Grievances
                    JII-R: Student Concerns, Complaints and Grievances
          JJ: Student Activities
          JJ-R: Student Activities
                    JJA: Student Organizations
                              JJAB: Limited Open/Closed Forums
                    JJE: Student Fundraising Activities
                    JJE-R: Student Fundraising Activities
                    JJF: Student Activities Funds
                    JJG: Contests for Students
                    JJI: Student Athletics
          JK: Student Discipline
                    JKA: Corporal Punishment
                    JKD: Suspension of Students
                    JKD-R: Suspension of Students
                    JKE: Expulsion of Students
                    JKE-R: Expulsion of Students
          JL: Student Welfare/Safety
                    JLA: Student Insurance Programs
                    JLC: Student Health Services and Requirements
                              JLCC: Communicable/Infectious Diseases
                              JLCC-R: Communicable/Infectious Diseases
                              JLCD: Assisting Students With Medications
                              JLCD-E1: Indemnification/Hold Harmless Agreement for Self-Adminstration of Medication
                              JLCD-E2: Guidelines for a Registered Nurse to Train An Unlicensed School Employee to Assist Students With Medications
                              JLCD-R: Assisting Students with Medications
                              JLCDC: Food Allergies and Special Dietary Needs
                              JLCDC-R: Food Allergies and Special Dietary Needs
                              JLCDD: Service Animals (Students)
                              JLCDD-R: Service Animals (Students)
                              JLCE: First Aid and Emergency Care
                                        JLCEE: Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)
                                        JLCEE-E1: Designated AED Users
                                        JLCEE-E2: Designated AED Users
                                        JLCEE-E3: Designated AED Users
                                        JLCEE-E4: School Facilities AED Inspection Log
                                        JLCEE-R: Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)
                                        JLCEF: Concussions and Student Athletes
                                        JLCEF-E: Concussions and Student Athletes
                                        JLCEF-R: Concussions and Student Athletes
                              JLCF: School Nurses
                    JLD: School Counseling
                              JLDBB: Self-Esteem Promotion/Suicide Prevention
                              JLDBB-R: Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention
                    JLF: Student Welfare
                              JLIG: Sun Safety
          JP: Student Donations and Gifts
          JQ: Student Fees, Fines and Charges
          JR: Student Information
                    JRA: Student Records
                    JRA-E: Opt-Out Information for Parents/Legal Guardians of All Students in Grades Nine Through Twelve.
                    JRA-R: Student Records


          KA: School-Community-Home Relations Goals/Priority Objectives
          KB: Parent Involvement in Education
                    KBB: Parent Rights and Responsibilities
                    KBE: Relations With Parent Organizations
                    KBE-R: Relations With Parent Organizations
          KC: Community Involvement in Education
                    KCA: School Community Relations Goals/Priority Objectives
                    KCD: Public Gifts/Donations to Schools
          KD: Public Information and Communications
                    KDB: Public's Right to Know / Freedom of Information
                    KDB-R: Public's Right to Know / Freedom of Information / Fee Schedule
                    KDC: District Sponsored Information Media
                    KDD: Media Relations
                              KDDA: Press Releases, Conferences and Interviews
          KE: Public Concerns and Complaints
                    KEC: Public Concerns/Complaints About Instructional Resources
                    KEC-E: Citizen's Request for Review of Education Materials
                    KEC-R: Public Concerns/Complaints About Instructional Resources
          KF: Community Use of School Facilities
          KF-E: Fee Schedule for School Facilities
                    KFA: Public Conduct on District Property
                              KFAA: Open Community Use of School Recreational Areas
          KH: Solicitations in Schools
                    KHC: Distribution/Posting of Promotional Materials
                    KHE: Political Solicitations in Schools
          KI: Visitors
          KI-E: Notice to Visitors
          KI-R: Visitors
          KL: Relations With Government Authorities
                    KLG: Relations With Law Enforcement Authorities
                              KLGA: School Resource officers


          LA: Education Agency/Interorganizational Relations/Goals/Priority Objectives
          LB: Relations With Other Schools and School Systems
                    LBA: Shared Services and Staff
          LD: Relations With Colleges and Universities
                    LDA: Student Teaching and Internships
          LH: Relations With Education Accreditation Agencies