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We are glad you are visiting our website. We hope that you find the information to be helpful as well as effective to meet your needs. This website provides access to district, school, and community connections that may be of interest to staff, students, parents, and other visitors.

Our main goal is to use this technology as another way to communicate school information to the general public. We are pleased to provide you this service as a way to stay informed about our district, your child's school and your child's progress.

Dr. John M. Kirby

Superintendent of Latta Schools

Important District News

Click this Enterovirus Information link to read a letter from Latta School District Superintendent, Dr. John Kirby, concerning the steps to protect your students and family from the spread of viruses.

Click this School Safety Message link to read about our school safety efforts.

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LES Report to the People 14-15
LMS Report to the People 14-15
LHS Report to the People 14-15

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