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The Latta Schools Educational Foundation

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The mission of The Latta Schools Educational Foundation is to cultivate resources to improve the educational environment in the Latta School District.

Bylaws of the Latta Schools Educational Foundation, Inc.

Foundation Goals

  1. To provide additional support for an enriched and challenging education experience that maximizes the learning potential of every student and prepares them to succeed in the 21st century.
  2. to encourage academic excellence and motivate students and teachers to reach their highest potential by providing funding not available through local, state, or federal sources.
  3. To award grants for projects that support the curriculum and to fund scholarships.
  4. To involve the community in the support and improvement of quality education.
  5. To enhance the education experience by providing financial support and other resources to supplement educational programs, activities, and construction of school facilities, which are not being adequately funded by state or local government.


LSEF will award financial assistance scholarships to qualified students who plan to pursue post-secondary education or teachers pursuing a master's degree in a specific area of education. Awards will also be given to teachers in the form of competitive mini-grants for specific classroom projects to enhance classroom instruction. Funding can also be directed towards capital projects or in support of school programs.


Listed below are approximate annual scholarships currently being awarded to students in the Latta School District from the endowed restricted funds in the Foundation.

Name of ScholarshipAnnual Award
The Ellis Family$12,000 ($6,000 1st year & $6,000 2nd year)
Buddy & Mickey Johnson$10,000 ($2,500 for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th years)
Kirby Performing Arts$2,500 (Five $500)
Geraldine Ard$1,000
Fred & Bonnie Ellis$1,000 (Two $500)
Alex Johnson$1,000
John & Vicki Kirby$1,000 (Two $500)
Eddie Rice$1,000
Moses & Martha Heyward$800
Neill Berry & Oriana Bethea$500
McRae Lawn Service$500
Douglas Parham$500
Latta Schools Memorials$250
Alan Schafer$250
Hugh Watson$250

Board of Directors

MemberPositionTerm Expires
Kyle BerryChairmanJanuary 2025
Martha HeywardDirectorJanuary 2025
Betty Jo JohnsonDirectorJanuary 2025
Harold KornblutDirectorJanuary 2025
LaFon LeGetteDirectorJanuary 2025
George LiebenroodDirectorJanuary 2025

Board Meetings

Date Minutes
August 3, 2022 minutes
March 1, 2022 minutes
December 14, 2021 minutes
July 7, 2015 minutes
June 2, 2015 minutes
April 8, 2014 minutes
December 3, 2013 minutes
January 8, 2013 minutes
August 14, 2012 minutes
June 11, 2012 minutes
February 7, 2012 minutes
October 24, 2011 minutes
October 6, 2011 minutes
February 8, 2011 minutes
December 2, 2010 minutes
March 20, 2008 minutes


Annual audit information for the Latta Schools Educational Foundation may be found within the Annual Latta School District Audit located on the Financial Services page.

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