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Health and Safety


It is the recommendation of Latta Schools that parents administer all medication to students at home. There are occasions, however, when it becomes necessary for a student to take medication during school hours. Appropriate school personnel as designated by the principals may assist students in the adminstration of medication. Listed below are guidelines that must be followed before a student is assisted with medication:

The school district retains the discretion to reject request for administering medications.

District Health Services

The Latta School District provides several health services to its employees during the school year. Listed below are some of these services.

Healthy Learners

Healthy Learners is a program that offers services for vision care, dental care, hearing evaluations, assistance with prescription medications, clinical counseling and episodic care for other health concerns. Contact your child's school nurse to learn if your child qualifies for Healthy Learners.

You can also visit the Healthy Learners website to learn more about the program in Dillon County.


Anita Mace, RN
District Lead Nurse
Latta High School Nurse

Lindsey Rogers, RN
Latta Middle School Nurse

Kelly Smith, RN
Latta Elementary School Nurse

Crystal Berry, RN
Floating / Substitute Nurse