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Crisis Procedures

Closing of Schools

In case of a crisis or an emergency situation on or near one of the district's schools, officials will:

Use the district's emergency alert phone system to call all parents or guardians to notify them of the status of the situation and to give them information on when and where they may be safely reunited with their child/children.

All district schools have policies and procedures in place that are to be implemented in the event of a crisis or emergency. During an actual crisis or emergency situation, local law enforcement would quickly assess and if necessary take over facilities limiting any traffic to or from the premises. Therefore, your access to the school sites may be limited until law enforcement completely secures the area. Please remember that the administration, faculty, and staff are trained to keep your child/children safe, and your full cooperation will be necessary during any crisis/emergency.

What Parents Should Do

If you receive a crisis or an emergency alert call:

LISTEN carefully to the call from the district's alert system and follow all directions.

LISTEN to local television stations for updates. These stations are listed below.

KEEP your child's emergency information up-to-date at the school.

What Parents Should NOT Do

DO NOT CALL the schools or the district office. It is crucial to keep telephone lines open during any crisis or emergency.


The images below are all clickable links that will bring you to online information sources in the event of an emergency.