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Transportation Department

Rules of Conduct

Rules of Conduct for a student coming and going on the bus

  1. Be at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the bus arrives
  2. Be careful and watch for traffic
  3. Stay off the road
  4. Wait in an orderly manner to enter or exit the bus without touching or bothering anyone
  5. Be careful not to block the aisles
  6. Ride your assigned bus unless you have written permission from the school

Rules of Conduct for a student riding on the bus

  1. Behave at all times using proper language and actions
  2. Respect the bus driver at all times and understand that he/she is in charge
  3. Do not bother the bus driver,either physically or verbally
  4. Show respect for other students, the driver and passing traffic
  5. Do not block or tamper with emergency exits or bus doors
  6. Keep arms and heads inside the bus windows
  7. Never stand in the stair well while the bus in in motion
  8. Remain seated at all times until your destination is reached
  9. Do not talk at railroad crossings
  10. Do not eat, drink or smoke on the bus
  11. Do not damage or litter on the bus
  12. Safely cross street in front of the bus after exiting
  13. Do not fight on the bus
  14. Do not have any pens, pencils, markers, etc out of their bookbags while on the bus

Contact Information

King McCoy
Director of Transportation
Phone: 843-752-2710