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Welcome to Latta Schools

Word to Know

trisect (v.) To divide into three parts, especially into three equal parts.

Celebrate the Holidays Safely

The link below provides a helpful list of precautions and practices that could help ensure your holiday is a safe one regarding COVID-19. We hope you can enjoy your holidays safely and come back to a hopefully improved 2021!

Celebrating the Holidays Safely. (PDF Link, English and Spanish)

Future Focus Friday Career Activity

Parents, please make sure all Face-to-Face and Virtual students in grades 5K-12 check Google Classroom each Friday for the 'Future Focus Friday' career activity posted in their Homeroom Future Focus Google Classroom. Assignments will be posted by noon each Friday and any items to be turned in will be due the following Friday. These activities are designed to expose our students to the world of work and help them determine the path toward their intended career! For questions, contact:

Please take the time to view this informative video regarding Future Focus Friday!

Career Focus

Protocols for Athletic Facilities for Fall Sporting Events

COVID-19 safety protocols for Fall sports can be found at the link below. Inside, you will find information regarding tickets, concessions, seating capacity, masks, and other general information.

Athletic Event Safety Protocols.

Free Breakfast and Lunch for all Students

Free breakfast and lunch for all students will be provided until December 31, 2020, per the USDA.

Free Breakfast and Lunch for Virtual Students

We will begin feeding our virtual students Monday through Thursday for the next few weeks. Lunch and breakfast may be picked up at the following sites and times in the parking area at:

School Operations Update

Return to Normal School Operations Transition Plan

This plan and dates to implement phases are subject to change due to health conditions and SC DHEC guidelines. Parents will be notified 5 days prior to any start of a new phase.

Phase One (Ongoing):

Phase Two (TBA):

Phase Three (TBA):

Phase Four (TBA):

Instructional Models for 2020-21

Our schools are posting information about the 'models' of education they will provide so that parents can more clearly understand what will be expected of students, whether in face-to-face or at-home virtual classes.

School COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Each school has developed a protocol list that will be followed by students, staff and visitors. Please review those protocols below carefully.

In addition to those protocols and procedures, please find below a list of additional safety measures we have provided for the schools. And while we can not 100% guarantee that we can keep any student from getting sick, we have done everything possible to make the school environment as safe as we can.

  1. Daily and nightly cleaning will occur in all classes using products that deter COVID-19.
  2. Installation of all HVAC units with fresh air controls and static cleaning of air intakes has been completed.
  3. Social distancing at all times in the buildings and buses will be enforced.
  4. Provision of student masks, disinfectant wipes, student face shields, teacher face shields, sanitizer dispensers, student gloves, digital no-touch thermometers, social distance signage, "mask when you move" rules and student desk shields or face shields in all classes as well as similar measures on our buses has been delivered.
Please contact your school if you have any concerns or suggestions.

S.C. DHEC Guidance for School Reponse to COVID-19

Interim COVID-19 guidance for schools: Management of suspect and confirmed COVID-19 cases. This guidance is intended for schools to plan their response to known or possible cases of COVID-19 as well as known contacts. This is based on what is currently known about COVID-19 and will be updated as more information and guidance become available. The entire document is available at the link below:

SCDHEC COVID Repsonse Guidance. (PDF Document Link)
COVID-19 In Schools: Frequently Asked Questions. (PDF Document Link)

Official School News

Please be advised that all official announcements regarding school matters are posted at school websites and are sent to you through our ALERT system. Any school matters posted through social media are not official or authorized by the school system and may be incorrect.

Safe School Alert
SC Future Minds School Donation Page