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PARENTS, Please read this carefully!  It is FULL of very important information about the end of school! 


We are now taking registration for 4 year old kindergarten.  Students that turn 4 on or before September 1, 2021 will be eligible to attend Latta Elementary School next school year.  To register a child, you will need to provide this documentation at the time of registration:

Official Birth certificate – blue paper

Social Security Card

Current Immunization Record

Medicaid Card

2 Proofs of Residency that you live in the Latta School District (water bill, power bill, land line telephone, property tax statement)

The office will be open each day from 8:30 am-3:00 pm for registration.


June 11, 14 and 15 will be half days for students.  LES will dismiss school at 11:oo am on these days.  Breakfast WILL NOT be served on these half days, but a bag lunch will be served.


We only have a few 2020-2021 yearbooks left!  Don’t miss your chance to get your copy!  $25 cash or check


Student: _______________________

Homeroom: ____________________

Number of Yearbook(s): ___________



May 31:  Memorial Day – School Closed

June 1: SC Pass Science testing (4th Grade)

June 3: SC Ready Math testing (3rd & 4th grade)

June 4: 4th grade Field Day

June 7: PM Bridging Ceremonies

LEM Field Day

June 8: PM Bridging Ceremonies

LEM Field Day

June 9: LEM Bridging Ceremonies

PM & Bryant Field Day

June 10: LEM Bridging Ceremonies

                        4th Grade Awards Day (Morris)

PM Field day

June 11: 4th Grade Awards Day

11:00 am dismissal for students

June 14: Mrs. Bryant’s Awards Day

11:00 am dismissal for students

June 15: 11:00 am dismissal for students




We have some jackets on our lost and found rack that we hope will be claimed soon!  If your child is missing a jacket, please have your student check the rack in the hall near the library.  All unclaimed items will be donated at the end of the year.



We are excited to be able to hold Bridging Ceremonies and Awards’ Day this year. Only the bridging students will be allowed to have guests in attendance, 4 guests for each bridging 5K and 3rd grade student and 2 for each 4th grade student. Ceremonies will start promptly at the times listed below in order to stay on schedule.  All ceremonies will be held inside the LES cafeteria. Parking spaces will be available in the front of the school.  Instructions will be posted outside of the office.

June 7: (4 guests per 5K student)

8:30 am Amanda Liner (PM)

9:30 am Gay Daniels (PM)

10:30 am Amanda Turner (PM)

12:30 pm Stephani Miles (PM)

1:30 pm Phyllis Hyatt (PM)


June 8: (4 guests per 5K student)

8:30 am Keri McCormick (PM)

9:30 am Sheila Price (PM)

10:30 am Lisa Capps (PM)

12:30 pm Donna Nolan (PM)

1:30 pm Christine McKenzie(PM)


June 9: (4 guests per 3rd grade student)

8:30 am Patricia McLaurin & Sarah Moody (LEM)

10:00 am Stephanie Long & Beth Minshew (LEM)

12:00 pm Brandy Sapp & Paula Pridgen (LEM)

1:15 pm Amanda Smith and Mary Rice (LEM)


June 10 (4 guests per 3rd grade student)

8:30 am Tressa Floria & Deidra Jones (LEM)

10:00 am Diana Kirk & Brandi Haselden (LEM)

12:00 pm Sarah Pullie, Jessica Short & Morgan Ramos (LEM)

1:15 pm Robin Morris (4th grade) (2 guests per student)


June 11 (2 guests per student)

8:30 am Amy Allen & Evelyn Williams (4th grade)

9:30 am Susan Hayes & Kelsey Bowen (4th grade)


June 14

8:30 am Rene Bryant (4 guests per student) 


June 1: SC Pass Science (4th grade only)

June 3: SC Ready math (3rd & 4th grade)


PLEASE make sure students are at school on time each day and have had a filling breakfast. They may bring a personal water bottle. Students should get a good night’s sleep prior to testing and be encouraged to work their hardest on each section of the test.


May 31: Memorial Day Holiday.  No school for students



     Our Latta Elementary fine arts classes, music and art, have been awarded the FY 21 Education-Arts Teacher Support grant from the SC Arts Commission. This grant has provided our students with new materials for events in the future. All of the LES students are looking forward to utilizing these engaging rhythmic instruments, light up drum sticks, and fun art supplies. Be on the lookout for upcoming performances where our students will be showcasing these new supplies.



Please make sure to let the school know if your phone number has changed.  We send out calls and texts to remind you of things happening at school and we don’t want you to miss our updates! 

If your child rides a bus, we will send out a phone message if the bus will be arriving at your house late.  PLEASE make sure we have your correct phone number and that you have not blocked the school’s phone number.


The District is using a new communication tool to send information to parents. You can receive phone calls as well as texts from the District, school and your child’s teacher. This tool is just for sending information. You will not be able to respond to anything that you receive. If you have blocked the school or district number, you will not receive any messages at all from any sender. Please make sure that you have a working phone number on file with the school and if it changes, please let us know as soon as possible. Texts that you receive will come from 606-80.


Everyone is aware of the increased number of positive cases in our area. We are following all protocols at school to keep everyone safe and healthy. Parents, we need your help in slowing the spread:

·         If someone living in your household is tested for COVID, do not send your child to school.

·         Call the school and speak to the nurse

·         Communicate with your child’s teacher about his/her school work

·         If a positive result is received, call the school and talk to the nurse. She will advise you on quarantine days for your student.

·         Upon receiving a negative result, please contact the nurse to learn your next steps.

Constant communication with the school and our nurse is VERY IMPORTANT in us helping to keep everyone safe!


Parents we have lots of library books that have not been turned in from last school year. Please check last year's bookbag and also around your house to see if your child still has some that need to be returned to the school. Thanks!


If your child is virtual, please make sure that they have an appropriate place at home to view their lessons on the Chromebook. It is important that they sit at a table or desk to do their assignments and that they log on at the beginning of the class. Adult supervision is needed to ensure that students stay online and complete assignments in a timely manner.


Please make sure your child takes care of their Chromebook at all times. Find a safe place at home, away from small children and pets, to store the Chromebook when not in use. The plastic cases were purchased to transport, store and protect the Chromebook. A child should not be allowed to eat or drink while using the Chromebook. If a liquid is spilled in the Chromebook, it will not work. ONLY the student should be using the Chromebook to complete his/her school assignments. Other children or adults should not be using the device. Fees will be charged to parents for repair of Chromebooks and equipment. Parents, thank you for making sure your child brings the case back to school on the appropriate days.

Tub Replacement: $10

Chromebook Screen: $100

Chromebook Charger:  $30 

Chromebook: $200

WIFI: $50

Mouse: $5



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