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Bridging and award ceremonies have been scheduled. Please make sure to review the calendar for May. A copy of the calendar can also be found on our district web page under Latta Elementary School. Only 5K and 3rd grade students will participate in the bridging ceremonies. Fourth grade will have an awards ceremony.


LHS’s FFA students will host a Mother’s Day plant sale here at LES. On May 6-10, our students are invited to come shop at the plant sale. If your child wants to purchase plants during this time, please send the money to school in an envelope marked for the plant sale. Thank you for supporting the Latta FFA!


It’s not too late to register for the 2024-2025 school year. If you know any child who turns 4 on or before September 1, 2024, they can begin 4K. All new students need to be registered by May 26, so we can schedule them for testing.  Students who register after May 26 will be tested during the summer or after school starts. Please share this information with family and friends that need to register new students. Registration will be held in the main office:


All of the following documentation will need to be presented for each student at the time of registration:

Your child will not be officially registered until ALL required documents have been received.



No es demasiado tarde para inscribirse para el año escolar 2024-2025. Si conoce a algún niño que cumpla 4 años el 1 de septiembre de 2024 o antes, puede comenzar 4K. Todos los estudiantes nuevos deben estar registrados antes del 26 de mayo, para que podamos programar sus exámenes. Los estudiantes que se registren después del 26 de mayo serán evaluados durante el verano o después de que comiencen las clases. Comparta esta información con familiares y amigos que necesiten registrar nuevos estudiantes. La inscripción se realizará en la oficina principal:


Será necesario presentar toda la siguiente documentación para cada estudiante en el momento de la inscripción:

Su hijo no será registrado oficialmente hasta que se hayan recibido TODOS los documentos requeridos .


The South Carolina College- and Career-Ready Assessment (SC READY) program is a statewide assessment in English language arts (ELA) and mathematics in grades 3-8 and science for grades 4 and 6. The SC READY tests measure the standards taught in ELA, math and science classes. These standards are located on the SCDE website: https://ed.sc.gov/instruction/standards-learning/ 


All 3rd and 4th grade students will participate in online SC READY testing according to the following schedule:


Tuesday, May 14:  Writing Grades 3 and 4

Thursday, May 16: Reading Grades 3 and 4

Tuesday, May 21: Math Grades 3 and 4

Wednesday, May 22: Science Grade 4 ONLY


Please make sure these students are at school NO LATER THAN 8:00 a.m. each day of testing. Ensure they have had a good breakfast and are well-rested.



Tome nota de estas próximas fechas de exámenes para estudiantes de 3.º y 4.º grado :

9 de mayo: Prueba de campo SC Ready de ELA de 4.° grado

14 de mayo : Escritura SC Ready para 3.er y 4.to grado

16 de mayo : SC Ready Lectura de 3.º y 4.º grado

21 de mayo : SC Ready Matemáticas de 3.º y 4.º grado

22 de mayo : SC Ready Ciencias de 4to grado


Please make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes on the day of your trip!

·   Primary classes will be going on a field trip to Palmetto Farms.

o 4/22: Hyatt, Huggins, Walsh, King, Daniels

o 4/24: McCormick, Turner, Nolan, Price, Miles  

·   All third grade students will take a field trip on our campus to learn about rocks and minerals with Diamond Del on April 30. A mining trailer will be brought to school and students will be able to mine for rocks and minerals.

·   All students will get to enjoy Latta High School’s spring musical on April 18 at the EPAC. Those students have been working really hard on this upcoming performance. We can’t wait to see!



¡Asegúrese de usar zapatos cómodos para caminar el día de su viaje!

·   Las clases de primaria realizarán una excursión a Palmetto Farms.

o 22/4: Hyatt, Huggins, Walsh, King, Daniels

o 24/4: McCormick, Turner, Nolan, Price, Miles

·   Todos los estudiantes de tercer grado realizarán una excursión a nuestro campus para aprender sobre rocas y minerales con Diamond Del el 30 de abril. Se traerá un remolque minero a la escuela y los estudiantes podrán extraer rocas y minerales.

·   Todos los estudiantes podrán disfrutar del musical de primavera de Latta High School el 18 de abril en el EPAC. Esos estudiantes han estado trabajando muy duro en esta próxima presentación. ¡ Estamos ansiosos por verlo!


We have scheduled teacher appreciation week for the week of May 6! Please take a moment out of your day to send a kind email or have your child write a note to their teacher. Our staff have worked extremely hard this school year to help all of our students succeed! Their passion for teaching and dedication to our students are obvious in everything they do. It takes a lot of patience, endurance, and talent to be an educator, and our staff makes it look easy. THANK YOU TO OUR WONDERFUL STAFF!


We have a large number of lost jackets here at school. If your child is missing a jacket, hoodie, sweater, or other outerwear, please have them go to lost and found and look for it. You can also send a note to your child’s teacher describing the jacket, and we will help look for it. If these items are not claimed by the end of the year, they will be washed and donated to Goodwill.


As we move into the last few months of the school year, your child may need a little extra help to prepare for the next grade. The state of South Carolina is offering free online tutoring services, provided by Tutor.com, to any student in South Carolina. In addition to tutoring in content areas, students may also drop off papers for review, seek help in test preparation, or ask specific questions about their work. The around-the-clock service is available seven days per week. The link provided here, https://www.scdiscus.org/U, shows you how to access the online tutoring service through Discus which is South Carolina’s  electronic library. Please use this FREE service to help your child be successful next year!


Field day has arrived! Please remember that it is only for students.  Please refer to the calendar below and make note of your child’s field day. Make sure your child is dressed comfortably to play games outside. The school will also provide a drink and a snack for every student. This is going to be a fun-filled day to celebrate the end of the school year!


Our 2023-2024 yearbook is here and you don’t want to miss all the pictures of our exciting year! The yearbook and orders have already been submitted for publication, but we did order a few extra. This means that there are a limited number available for purchase. Each full color book is only $30 and can be ordered by sending cash or check to school with a note indicating that the money is for a yearbook.


There are lots of library books checked out. Please look at home to make sure you have returned all library books. Students will need to pay for any library books that are not returned by the end of the year. You will receive a note showing the name of the books and the price you need to pay. Thank you for helping keep our library book collection intact!


2024 Annual Report to Parents

Our goal at Latta Elementary School is to help all students develop world class knowledge, world class skills, and life and career characteristics based on the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate, in an effort to prepare all children to be college and career ready. Latta Elementary School provides the foundation to ensure that this goal is realized. Based on data from the 2022-23 school year, Latta Elementary School received an Excellent rating on the SC School Report Card. The excellent category ranges from 61-100, and the combined score of all areas was a 69 for our school. You can go to the SC Department of Education’s website to see the full report. All teachers in grades K-3, special education teachers, and administrators are involved in LETRS training for the next year and a half. LETRS trains staff in the Science of Reading and research based instructional strategies. Through staff development and improved instructional strategies, we will continue to move forward.

Latta Elementary School is part of a state consortium for Pyramid implementation. The Pyramid Model is an approach for supporting the social, emotional, and behavioral development of young children. The goal of the Pyramid Model is to create a preschool environment where every child feels good about coming to school. This is accomplished by guiding classrooms to use practices that promote children’s engagement in learning and by building positive relationships with children, families, and staff. In our use of the Pyramid Model, classroom staff will work together to ensure that all children understand behavior expectations and receive instruction in critical social skills, such as understanding and recognizing emotions, friendship skills, and social problem solving. Classroom staff will also provide individual support to children who have social, emotional, or behavioral concerns. The program leadership team is responsible for guiding and monitoring the implementation of the Pyramid Model throughout our program. Our team is comprised of a program administrator, teachers, an individual who can provide coaching and support to teachers, an individual who serves as a behavior specialist, and family members who can bring perspectives of families in the program. We are currently in our second year of a five-year implementation plan.

 The Montessori approach to learning is available to students to extend their abilities to think critically and problem solve. This multi-age learning approach is operational for all students, 4K – Gr. 3, and provides for complete student differentiation through individualized learning settings. Since subjects are fully integrated, content learning is layered, allowing for stronger and more meaningful content coverage. In addition, we have five grade four traditional classes. Both Montessori and fourth grade classes are focusing on problem based learning, real world applications, research, and independent learning. 

Becoming a positive, contributing member of our school, community, country, and world is the operating basis of our student development. All of our students, along with participation from community supporters, have the opportunity to engage in projects and programs to improve our community such as our Happy Feet project sponsored by the Latta Rotary Club and Latta Elementary School. Our students and staff also assisted in outreach programs by providing food and clothing to local families in need. 

Every classroom in our facility provides for both an indoor and outdoor learning space. Learning subject area content through the environment of classroom gardens has become a reality, and Latta Elementary School currently has 64 classroom gardens as well as an outdoor classroom. In addition, the outdoor Nature Play Park provides a positive, natural play environment that gives children the opportunity to exercise their brains and bodies. The district has also created the Viking Greenway Trail on the Latta Elementary School property, which is a 1.5 mile walking/nature trail accessible to all students and community members. An observation deck overlooking a natural pond and a Labyrinth were also added to enhance the instructional arena.

 At Latta Elementary, the ELA and Math curriculum are both based on the South Carolina College and Career state standards and are now paced and measured in grades one through four by benchmark assessments. The grade 4 classes continue to use enVision by Savvas as the thinking approach to mathematics. Reading instruction is guided by a state supported Reading Coach where both learning to read and reading to learn strategies are supported and implemented. These include progress monitoring through the use of iReady and Fountas and Pinnell. Technology is available in our lab, all classrooms, and library with the media center serving as the research and instructional support hub. Chromebooks are provided to all students to assist and enhance instruction in the classroom and at home. 

Our goal for this school year is to provide opportunities for parents to visit the school to observe in classrooms and participate in PTO and parent meetings. Musical and choral programs, Fall Festival, Bridging Ceremonies, Book Fairs, Parade of Nations, Dr. Seuss Parade and career activities are some of the events and activities added back to the schedule of events this year. Latta Elementary School continues to strive to fulfill its mission of preparing children for the world of the future. Learning opportunities provided for our children in the context of real life will promote a community of lifelong learners and ensure a positive future for our children and our community.

Coming up …









Teacher Appreciation Week





SC Field Test – 3rd & 4th





3rd & 4th SC Writing






3rd & 4th SC Reading








8:15 Hyatt/Huggins

9:15 Miles/Walsh

10:15 Daniels/Nolan



SC Math – 3rd & 4th



SC Science – 4th



8:15 Turner/Price

9:15 McCormick/King

10:15 Andrews




8:15 McLaurin/S. Long

9:15 Kirk/Sapp

10:15 Smith/C. Long

1:15 D. Bryant/Floria


Field Day:

Pullie, Ramos, Jordan, Short, Ivey, Rice




8:15 Pullie/Ramos

10:15 Jordan/Short

1:15 Ivey/Rice


Field Day:

McLaurin, S. Long, Kirk, Sapp, Smith, C. Long, D. Bryant, Floria, Graham, Andrews



Memorial Day


No School



8:30 4th Grade Awards

4th Grade Cookout


Field Day:

All 4k/5k classes




Half Day


4th Grade Field Day



Half Day




The District is using a communication tool to send information to parents. You can receive phone calls as well as texts from the District, school and your child’s teacher. This tool is just for sending information. You will not be able to respond to anything that you receive. If you have blocked the school or district number, you will not receive any messages at all from any sender. Please make sure that you have a working phone number on file with the school and if it changes, please let us know as soon as possible. Texts that you receive will come from 606-80.


Please make sure your child takes care of their Chromebook at all times. Find a safe place at home, away from small children and pets, to store the Chromebook when not in use. The plastic cases were purchased to transport, store and protect the Chromebook. A child should not be allowed to eat or drink while using the Chromebook. If a liquid is spilled in the Chromebook, it will not work. ONLY the student should be using the Chromebook to complete his/her school assignments. Other children or adults should not be using the device. Fees will be charged to parents for repair of Chromebooks and equipment. Parents, thank you for making sure your child brings the case back to school on the appropriate days.

Tub Replacement: $10

Chromebook Screen: $100

Chromebook Charger:  $30

Chromebook: $200

Headphones:  $10

Mouse: $5



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