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I want to thank our students, staff and parents for working together to have a successful school opening. I would like to thank our transportation staff and drivers for making sure our students arrived at their destinations these first few weeks of school. Parents, thank you so much for being patient with us during morning and afternoon drop off and pick up. Your child’s safety is our first priority. Please make sure you have your child’s car tag visible in the passenger window where it can be read by staff.  If you need additional car tags, please come by the office and pick one up or call and we can send one home in your child’s book bag.

As I visit each classroom, I love seeing and hearing the “buzz of learning”. Students are settling nicely into their classroom routines. Teachers have been working on teaching procedures as well as the Montessori lessons for our 4K-Gr. 3 students. Our grade 4 students are beginning the transition process to a more traditional setting, and they are working through their routines as well. Parents, please make sure these students have a consistent place and time in the afternoon to complete homework and read as the teachers assign work for them to complete at home.  Please check that they complete their homework, which makes them responsible students.

My goal this year is to return to normal routines, schedules and activities. We planned most of the year this summer to include PTO meetings, parent meetings, parent observations, Book Fairs, Harvest Festival, musical events, Breakfast Buddy for parents, Reading Buddies, fundraisers, field trips, Dr. Seuss Hat Parade, Parade of Nations, Art Show, Awards Programs and Bridging Programs. We have a busy year planned, and we invite you to participate in these events with us. 

I am here to ensure that your child/children are successful, enjoy school, and learn as much as possible while at Latta Elementary. Please feel free to call or email me at any time.

Dollie Morrell, Principal




International Walk to School Day is observed in more than 40 countries on the first Wednesday in October each year. Students will participate in a Walkathon during their regularly scheduled PE classes the week of October 3-7.  Please make sure your child wears his/her tennis shoes and appropriate clothing for walking.  Thank you!


Consistent school attendance is important to your child’s development.  Please see that only illness prevents your child from attending school. Any student who misses school must present a written note signed by a parent or physician.  After 3 consecutive unlawful absences or a total of 5 unlawful absences, intervention plans will be developed with the parent to improve student attendance.  



Please read your student handbook that is available on our webpage or a printed copy can be sent home at your request.



We will hold our first PTO meeting of the year on September 20 at 6:00. Please join us to learn more about the Montessori program, as well as Title I. We will also be having a hotdog supper and giving away free books! More information will be sent home later. Make sure to check your child’s folder daily!


If your student rides a bus to and from school, it is important that an adult be visible to the driver at the bus stop in the morning and afternoon. 


At morning drop off, please make sure your children are unbuckled, finished eating, have book bag and lunchbox in hand, and are ready to exit the car when it stops. Children in 1st-4th grades are asked to exit the car by themselves as soon as the car stops.  They should not wait for someone to open the door for them.  Also, please pull your car all the way up to the car in front of you. This helps the line move faster in the morning. Students should arrive before 8:00 to eat breakfast.


To help us speed up dismissal in the afternoon, please cut your tag in half on the dotted line and make sure your car tag is displayed sitting up in the front windshield of your car, or attached to the passenger visor so it can be easily seen by the caller and the adults on duty until after your child is safely in the car. Tags that are laying on the dash are difficult to see and slow down the flow of dismissal. There are several examples of good tag placement on the right. Also, please do not get out of your car in the drop off/pick up area.  If you need to buckle your child’s seatbelt, please pull over, out of traffic, at the ballfield to buckle up.  Thank you for your help!



All parents of Kindergarten students are invited to a literacy night on September 12 at 6:00. Please join us and learn more about helping your child learn to read. All Kindergarten teachers will present information on reading bags that are sent home weekly and provide strategies to use while reading with your child each night. This night is for KINDERGARTEN parents only.


Dillon District 3 has purchased Student Accident Insurance that covers supervised and sponsored school activities. If you are interested in extending the insurance, you can get a brochure with additional information and purchase prices from the school office. 


If you are signing a student out early, do so by 2:00 pm unless you have been called by the school nurse. If you know ahead of time that your child will be checked out early, please send a note. This will help the teacher be prepared to send your child home early. You will also need to sign your child out in the office. Please do not take your child from the school without alerting the office staff and signing them out on the clipboard at the front desk.  


The District is using a communication tool to send information to parents. You can receive phone calls as well as texts from the District, school and your child’s teacher. This tool is just for sending information. You will not be able to respond to anything that you receive. If you have blocked the school or district number, you will not receive any messages at all from any sender. Please make sure that you have a working phone number on file with the school and if it changes, please let us know as soon as possible. Texts that you receive will come from 606-80.


Please make sure your child takes care of their Chromebook at all times. Find a safe place at home, away from small children and pets, to store the Chromebook when not in use. The plastic cases were purchased to transport, store and protect the Chromebook. A child should not be allowed to eat or drink while using the Chromebook. If a liquid is spilled in the Chromebook, it will not work. ONLY the student should be using the Chromebook to complete his/her school assignments. Other children or adults should not be using the device. Fees will be charged to parents for repair of Chromebooks and equipment. Parents, thank you for making sure your child brings the case back to school on the appropriate days.

Tub Replacement: $10

Chromebook Screen: $100

Chromebook Charger:  $30

Chromebook: $200

Headphones:  $10

Mouse: $5



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