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It’s that time of year again and lost coats and jackets are accumulating in the office.  If your child is missing a coat or jacket, please stop by the school and check out what has been turned into the office.  Also, please write your child’s name in his or her jacket; it can then be returned to the owner easily if it is lost.


LES is hosting Doughnuts for Dad Dec 3rd-5th from 7:30 to 8:15. Please park in the main parking lot and enter the cafeteria with your child, where you will be served doughnuts and juice. We can accommodate ONE adult guest per student.

Dec: 3  Mrs. Bryant & Primary Montessori

Dec: 4 Lower Elementary Montessori

Dec: 5  4th Grade


We are thrilled that author David Schwartz will be visiting with our students on November 26.  He is the author of the popular children’s book How Much is a Million? The children will visit with him during the day at the EPAC and then he will have a presentation at the EPAC at 6:00 that evening, where he will be available to sign his books for you.  We are very excited about this opportunity.


Fall picture proofs will be sent home soon.  Please place your order online or return your order with full payment to the school as soon as you can. 


Thank you for your cooperation concerning our transportation policies. We have had markedly fewer problems especially in the afternoons. Please continue to communicate in writing with your child’s teacher whenever there is a change. Please remember if your student rides a bus to and from school, it is important that an adult be visible to the driver at the bus stop in the morning and afternoon.


We are excited about our second Fall Festival on November 15 from 5 until 7 pm!  This year’s will be bigger and better!  Our teachers are busy preparing for their classroom games and collecting items for their class basket!  Your cooperation is always appreciated in helping them prepare for this evening that is so much fun for everyone! 


Included with your newsletter this month is information about how to access Istation at home.  This program will help them with their reading progress and tie directly to what they are doing at school.

Do you know where your child is reading? Are they on grade level?

Grade   October Level    January Level

1st          D             F

2nd        J              K

3rd         N             N

4th         P             Q


BIG thanks to everyone for their dedication to the Doughnut sale.  The money raised will be used for field trips and to purchase materials and items for the school.  We made a profit of $6,950.00.  All of the winners will ride our school float in the Latta Christmas Parade on November 30!  Mark your calendar! 

King-Kase Coward

Queen-Hayleigh Green

Prince – BJ Watson

Princess – Avery Poston

Class Winners:

Bryant: Isaiah Damon, Anna Bailey, Capps: Bailey Gasque, Wren Hedgepeth, Daniels: Morgan Tyler, Presley Shelley, Hyatt: Huck Hensley, Ariel Dixon, Liner: Jameson Rowell, Kailee Hayes, Martin: Sha’Niyah Drawhorn,

Paisley Oxendine, McCormick:  Deanna Zurcher, Makenna Cook, Miles: Alayiah Timmons, Kayden Brown, Nolan: Shakiya Lee, Easton Jackson, Price: Annie Barnhill, Sarah Brown, Turner: Frank Williams, Joseph Clark, Floria: Tayla Richardson, Josiah Durant, Jones: Kylashia McDaniel, Jhany Sellers, Kirk: Landon Gasque, Noah Brigman, Long: Samuel Adams, Jayden Baker-Reid McLaurin: Ryleigh Vicente, KeyMony Hamer Minshew: Ryder Rogers, Koree Gibson-Legette, Moody: Omar Burch-Reaves, Kayleigh Cooper, O’Neal: Presley Wiggins, Cameron Hunt, Pridgen: Lacie Barnhill, Payton Holtsclaw, Pullie: Cayden Berry, Liam Wilkes, Rice: Conley Erwin, Camdyn Taylor, Sapp: Syniah Campbell, Cayden Hunt, Short: Whitney Hokett, Jayon Page, Smith: Braylon Berry, Easton Marsh, Watson: Aaron Seals, Eriana Crawford Bailey: Carli Haselden, Christian McCloud, Graham: Quintin Wilkes, Jaliyah Cahoon, Hayes: Ava Daniels, Jaclyn Rowell, Morris: Noah Alford, Landis Clark, Williams: Nathan Barrentine, Blake Brigman


If your student rides a bus to and from school, it is important that an adult be visible to the driver at the bus stop in the morning and afternoon.  We do not accept transportation changes over the phone for any reason.  If your child has to change their transportation, we must have a written note.

Parents, please display your car tags in the front windshield of your car so we can easily see who you are picking up until your child is in the car.


Consistent school attendance is important to your child’s academic, social and emotional development.  Please see that only illness prevents your child from attending school. Any student who misses school must present a written note signed by a parent or physician.  After 3 consecutive unlawful absences or a total of 5 unlawful absences, intervention plans will be developed with the parent to improve student attendance.  


If your child has a doctor’s appointment or some other need for which he/she must be checked-out early, please do so by 2:00 p.m. Be aware that doctor’s appointments are excused early dismissals ONLY with a doctor’s note. All other early dismissals are unexcused; 3 unexcused early dismissals equal 1 unexcused absence according to District policy.


Last school year’s lunch status is applicable until September 12. If you have not completed a form for this school year by September 12, your child’s status will revert to full pay and you will be responsible for all charges. Students are allowed to owe $5.00 to the cafeteria. According to District policy, students whose balance due exceeds $10.00, must bring a lunch box until the amount due has been paid. As a reminder, full pay is $2.60 daily/$13.00 weekly and reduced pay is .40 daily/$2.00 weekly. Please contact the office if you need a form or have questions (843-752-5295).


As mandated by the state of South Carolina, every child enrolled in a 4K or 5K program is required to be assessed using a State approved formative literacy assessment.  This initial assessment will take place during the first 45 days of the 2018-2019 school year.

The state approved assessment for 4K is the Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening (PALS) and it will be administered to your child in a one-on-one setting within the first 45 days of school. In addition to this initial assessment, students will be assessed during the last 45 days of school as a means to assess growth.

The approved 5K assessment is the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) and it will be administered within the first 45 days of school.  This assessment will be completed only at the beginning of the school year. Your 5k child will be assessed at the end of the school year using the Developmental Readiness Assessment (DRA2). This assessment will provide information letting us know at what level your child is reading.

 All assessments will be completed by October 22, 2018. Once these assessments are completed and compiled, you will be sent a summary of your child’s results both at the beginning and end of the year so that you can note your child’s growth and continuing areas of developmental need.  When this information is sent home, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher if you have questions.  As always, your child’s teacher will follow up with you to discuss any areas of concern.

Thank you for your support as we work together for a productive learning year for your child.

Coming up … 

Nov 6: Election Day – No SCHOOL

Nov 7-8:  IOWA testing 2nd grade

Nov 9:  4th grade Veterans Day  program at 9:30 EPAC

Nov 12-16: American Education   Week

                    Benchmark testing (grades 3&4)

Nov 15:  Fall Festival 5-7

Nov 21-23:  Thanksgiving Holiday School Closed

Nov 26:  David Schwartz 6:00 at EPAC

Dec: 3  Doughnuts for Dad (PM and Bryant)

Dec: 4 Doughnuts for Dad (LEM)

Dec: 5 Doughnuts for Dad (4th )