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November, 2021



Parents who pre-ordered pictures have received their order.  Students who did not take pictures will have their picture taken. If you would like for your child to retake their picture, please send a note to your child’s teacher. Make-up pictures are on Friday, November 5.  All purchases benefit LES!  



If you haven’t already, you should be receiving a sign-up sheet from your child’s teacher about parent observations. We are so excited to have our parents back in the building to see what we are doing in the classrooms. There are some special protocols that we will be following to keep everyone safe and healthy. Please follow the directions from your child’s teacher, so these observations can be successful!



All primary students are asked to dress as a Pilgrim on Tuesday, Nov. 23rd as we celebrate the First Thanksgiving. Be on the look-out for more information from your child’s teacher. Primary students are also making shoebox gifts for less fortunate kids. Please check your class newsletter for more information on this. Donations are due no later than Friday, November 12. This is a great project that helps our students understand sharing with others!


Is your child on grade level for reading?

Grade October Level January Level

1st D F

2nd J K

3rd N N

4th P Q

Our fall book fair will have an assortment of books to help your child grow as a reader. It will be held November 15-19.  Remember to send the money for the book PLUS the 8% sales tax in a Ziploc bag or envelope stating that it is for the Book Fair. At this time, due to COVID, parents may NOT accompany their child to the book fair.  If you are interested in purchasing books for your child online instead, you will simply go to this link  https://efairs.follettbookfairs.com/guest/home?classCode=ZY6D7  and begin shopping. Once the book fair has ended, all books will be shipped to Latta Elementary and then sent home with your child. Happy shopping and thanks so much for your support!



It’s that time of year again! Lost coats and jackets are already accumulating at school.  If your child is missing a coat or jacket, please stop by the school and check out what has been turned in.  Also, please write your child’s name in his or her jacket and lunch boxes; it can then be returned to the owner easily if it is lost.


Thank you for your cooperation concerning our transportation policies. We have had markedly fewer problems especially in the afternoons. Please continue to communicate in writing with your child’s teacher whenever there is a change. Please remember if your child rides a bus to and from school, it is important that an adult be visible to the driver at the bus stop in the morning and afternoon.  

Instruction begins for students at 8:00 am and students arriving after this time are tardy.  Please make sure your child arrives at school on time each day.  



Third and fourth grade students are invited to watch Latta High School’s performance of Shrek! Every third and fourth grade student will be visiting the Ellis Performing Arts Center on Tuesday, November 16 to watch the dress rehearsal for this exciting performance.



Our fall fundraiser with Krispy Kreme was a HUGE success. Many thanks to our parents for your support. We made a profit of $11,671.21.  The top four sellers were: Kiylin Bethea, Easton Rich, Anna Drew Herring, and Franklin Williams. These four will go on a field trip with Mrs. Dollie and Officer Trent to pick out a brand new bicycle!  The top selling classes will have an ice cream party and extra game time. The top six classes were: 

Primary – Price & Turner

Lower El – Kirk, Rice, & Smith

Fourth Grade – Bowen

Congratulations boys and girls! You all did a fantastic job and helped our school so much!



Yearbooks are still on sale at the reduced price of $20. If you would like to get a yearbook at this great discounted rate, please send your payment to school in an envelope labeled with your child’s name. You may also purchase online at www.jostens.com. If purchasing online, you can personalize your child’s yearbook. The price of the yearbook will go up to $25 on January 31. 


Nov 5:  Make-up Pictures

Nov 11: Veteran’s Day

Nov 12: Primary Shoebox Collection

Nov 15-19: Book Fair

Nov 16: 3rd and 4th EPAC field trip

Nov 19: Grades 1-4 Career Dress Up Day

Nov 23: Progress Reports

Nov 23: Dress Like a Pilgrim (Primary)

Nov 24-26: Thanksgiving Holidays



We want to remind parents to please keep your child/children at home if one of them is showing symptoms of the Covid virus or someone in the household is being tested, has tested positive, or is showing symptoms. We are making every effort to control the spread of the virus at school, but we all need to do our part. If you are unsure of your child’s symptoms, please call the school and speak to our school nurse, Kelly Smith. Nurse Smith is making sure we follow all CDC and DHEC guidelines. We encourage adults and students to wear a mask while in the building, but it is not mandated at this time.


Thank you parents for your cooperation and efforts in making our school a safe place to learn.


If your student rides a bus to and from school, it is important that an adult be visible to the driver at the bus stop in the morning and afternoon. 


Consistent school attendance is important to your child’s academic, social and emotional development.  Please see that only illness prevents your child from attending school. Any student who misses school must present a written note signed by a parent or physician.  After 3 consecutive unlawful absences or a total of 5 unlawful absences, intervention plans will be developed with the parent to improve student attendance.  



Please read your student handbook that is available on our webpage or a printed copy can be sent home at your request.




Students are not able to use the water fountains at this time. Please send a water bottle/container to school with your child each day. Your child can refill this at a sink as needed.



At morning drop off, please make sure your children are unbuckled, finished eating, have book bag and lunchbox in hand, and are ready to exit the car when it stops. Children in 1st-4th grades are asked to exit the car by themselves as soon as the car stops.  They should not wait for someone to open the door for them.  Also, please pull your car all the way up to the car in front of you. This helps the line move faster in the morning.


To help us speed up dismissal in the afternoon, please cut your tag in half on the dotted line and make sure your car tag is displayed sitting up in the front windshield of your car, or attached to the passenger visor so it can be easily seen by the caller and the adults on duty until after your child is safely in the car. Tags that are laying on the dash are difficult to see and slow down the flow of dismissal. There are several examples of good tag placement on the right. Also, please do not get out of your car in the drop off/pick up area.  If you need to buckle your child’s seatbelt, please pull over, out of traffic, at the ballfield to buckle up.  Thank you for your help!



Dillon District 3 has purchased Student Accident Insurance that covers supervised and sponsored school activities. If you are interested in extending the insurance, you can get a brochure with additional information and purchase prices from the school office. 


Please make sure to let the school know if your phone number has changed.  We send out calls and texts to remind you of things happening at school and we don’t want you to miss our updates! 

If your child rides a bus, we will send out a phone message if the bus will be arriving at your house late.  PLEASE make sure we have your correct phone number and that you have not blocked the school’s phone number.


The District is using a new communication tool to send information to parents. You can receive phone calls as well as texts from the District, school and your child’s teacher. This tool is just for sending information. You will not be able to respond to anything that you receive. If you have blocked the school or district number, you will not receive any messages at all from any sender. Please make sure that you have a working phone number on file with the school and if it changes, please let us know as soon as possible. Texts that you receive will come from 606-80.


Please make sure your child takes care of their Chromebook at all times. Find a safe place at home, away from small children and pets, to store the Chromebook when not in use. The plastic cases were purchased to transport, store and protect the Chromebook. A child should not be allowed to eat or drink while using the Chromebook. If a liquid is spilled in the Chromebook, it will not work. ONLY the student should be using the Chromebook to complete his/her school assignments. Other children or adults should not be using the device. Fees will be charged to parents for repair of Chromebooks and equipment. Parents, thank you for making sure your child brings the case back to school on the appropriate days.

Tub Replacement: $10

Chromebook Screen: $100

Chromebook Charger:  $30 

Chromebook: $200

WIFI: $50

Mouse: $5



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