Inclement Weather Procedures

Closing of Schools


When a decision is made to close schools due to bad weather or the threat of bad weather, school officials will:

Use the district's emergency alert phone system to call all students and staff to notify them of any decisions.

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Early Dismissal


Bad weather or the threat of bad weather may make it necessary to dismiss school early. The public should know that:

The district will use the emergency alert phone system to notify parents/guardians of the early dismissal.

School buses will run their regular routes.

Students will be under adult supervision until the buses leave for home or until students are picked up by their parents or guardians.

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What Parents Should Do


If you believe schools will be closed you should:

LISTEN for a phone call from the district's alert system.

LISTEN to local television stations for updates. These stations are listed below.

KEEP your child's emergency information up-to-date at the school.

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What Parents Should NOT DO


DO NOT CALL the schools or the district office. Your cooperation is needed to keep telephone lines open.



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