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It is the recommendation of Latta Schools that parents administer all medication to students at home. There are occasions, however, when it becomes necessary for a student to take medication during school hours. Appropriate school personnel as designated by the principals may assist students in the adminstration of medication. Listed below are guidelines that must be followed before a student is assisted with medication:

  1. A medication form must be filled out by the parent for prescription and nonprescription medication. Your child's physician must fill out the medication form along with the parent for prescription medication. You may obtain these forms from your child's school.
  2. All medication must be brought in the original container (this includes nonprescription or over the counter medication) and labeled with your child's name. Schools will not accept medication unless it is in the original container. Prescription medication must be labeled with the child's name, dosage, time of administration, amount to be given, and physician's name. Asthma inhalers and Epipens must have a pharmacy label with the above information on the canister as well as the box (have the pharmacist put an extra label on the canister).
  3. If it is necessary for a child to carry medication for emergency use (e.g. bee sting kits, Epipens, asthma inhalers), a special form is required to be filled out by parent and physician. You may obtain this form from your child's school.
  4. A new form is required for any changes in dosage or time of adminstration. A new form is also required each year.
  5. A separate form is required for each medication.
  6. Medication will only be given for the purpose listed on the medication form.
  7. Due to the relationship of aspirin to Reyes' Syndrome, aspirin and aspirin containing products will not be given unless a written order by the physician is present.
  8. Medication prescribed for three times a day will not be adinstered at school except under special circumstances (e.g. antibiotics). Usually these medications can be given before school, when the child gets home, and at bedtime.

The school district retains the discretion to reject request for administering medications.


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District Health Services for Employees

The Latta School District provides several health services to its employees during the school year. Listed below are some of these services.

  1. Health Screenings - Each year the district holds a health fair which includes bloodwork for staff members. Over 100 staff members participate in the screening during a teacher workday prior to the start of school. Staff members can receive their results electronically or hard copy which can be used to discuss with their physicians.
  2. Flu Shots - The district nurses administer flu vaccines to staff members who sign up to receive the vaccine. Remember to get you and your family immunized.
  3. Mammograms - The McLeod Mammogram Mobile Unit comes to the Latta School District to give mammograms to staff members who have signed up.
  4. Weight Watchers - Staff members have the option to join a Weight Watchers class with meetings being held on a school campus. The meetings are held each week for 12 weeks during the school year.


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Healthy Learners

Healthy Learners is a program that offers services for vision care, dental care, hearing evaluations, assistance with prescription medications, clinical counseling and episodic care for other health concerns. Contact your child's school nurse to learn if your child qualifies for Healthy Learners.

You can also visit the Healthy Learners website to learn more about the program in Dillon County.


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Contact Info

Anita Mace, RN

School Nurse, Latta Middle and Latta High Schools



Sue Brown, RN

School Nurse, Latta Elementary School



Kelly Smith, RN

School Nurse, Latta Early Childhood Center



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