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Lunch Menu by Month

Please note that menus are subject to change without notice.

Supply Chain Issues

As we begin the 2022-2023 school year, we are facing unprecedented issues with the supply chain that will undoubtedly cause us to alter our posted menus with little to no notice. We are working very closely with our distributions and manufacturers to secure both the food and supply items needed to support our program, however the availability of these items has been changing on a daily basis. While it is our intention to serve the posted menu every day at each school, supply issues will not make this possible throughout the school year until the supply chain issues are rectified. When changes to the posted school menu become necessary, we will attempt to substitute the scheduled menu item with another item that is as similar as possible and based on the product we are able to receive. This may not always be the case on some items. We ask you to be patient and understanding on these possible issues when they occur.

Theresa Rogers
Food Service Director

Meal Pricing, 2022-23 School Year

Free or Reduced Meals

Although breakfast is provided FREE to every student in Latta Schools, they may also be eligible for free or reduced-price lunch as well. The process to see if your child is eligible is not difficult. The links below provide instructions on filing out the application form, a table that shows the household size and income levels that qualify your child for free or reduced-price meals, and the actual application form the parent or guardian needs to complete and submit to apply for this program.

If you have not completed a meal application for School Year 2022-23, students will be charged $2.70 per day for lunch. Please complete an application to see if you qualify. Households may apply for benefits at any time during the school year if your income or household size has changed. Please request an application from the cafeteria manager or Food Service Director.

* The Application Form MUST be printed and physically signed and returned to us. It is not legal for us to accept scanned, emailed, or other electronic versions of this document!

Point of Sale PIN

Our Point of Sale system (cash registers) requires all students receiving a meal to enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN) at the time of purchase, whether or not they pay cash or received a free or reduced price meal. The PIN will be assigned to your child near the time of enrollment and the PIN normally will not change from one year to the next, making it easier to remember. Each student is issued a unique PIN that is for his or her use only.

Parents and students some times ask why all students are required to use a PIN, even if paying cash. Here are the reasons:

K12 Payment System

Dillon Three Schools introduced an online payment system which provides parents a convenient, easy, and secure online prepayment service to deposit money into a child's lunch account at any time. This service gives parents the opportunity to easily view lunch account balances along with a thirty-day purchase history.

If you have not set up an account which is available from, you will need to sign up and give yourself and user name and password. You will also need to provide the child's name, grade, address, and home-room teacher's name. The ID number will be emailed to you from our IT Department.

If you have additional questions you may call Theresa Rogers at 752-7101.

Special Dietary Need Forms

Parent, Student, Grass Roots, and Community Information

The Parent Involvement program is a component of the Office of Curriculum and Instruction, which provides information, resources, and opportunities for parents to participate in their child's school events and activities in order to enhance their child's educational experience.

The Parent Involvement goal of Dillon District Three is to build working relationships between educators and families to improve and sustain educational involvement by increasing participation at academic conferences, workshops, Individual Graduation Plan conferences, IEP meetings, and other school events. Parents of students in Dillon Three should refer to the website of the school that their child attends for more information.

The Food Service Department invites you to be a part of our Parent Involvement program and have lunch with your child. Please contact your child's school to see when you can enjoy a meal with your child.

Additional wellness guidelines and nutritional information are available by contacting Foodservice Director Theresa Rogers.

Theresa Rogers

General Nutrition Information

Nutritional analysis are provided to parents, teachers, staff, grass roots, and the community for each item we serve on our menu. You may contact Theresa Rogers, Food Services Director, if you have any questions or concerns. Her contact information is listed near the bottom of this page.

District Assessments

The Wellness Policy Annual Progress Report is available for each school site at the district office for parents, staff, and public viewing. Please contact Theresa Rogers food service director at 843-752-7101.

Non-Discrimination Information

Contact Information

Theresa Rogers
Food Service Director

Crystal Lane
LES Cafeteria Manager

Pamela Lane
LMS/LHS Cafeteria Manager