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Note from the Superintendent

We are glad you are visiting our website. We hope that you find the information to be helpful as well as effective to meet your needs. This website provides access to district, school and community connections that may be of interest to you.

Our main goal is to use this technology as another way to communicate school information to the general public. We are pleased to provide you this service as a way to stay informed about our district, your child's school and your child's progress.

Dr. John M. Kirby

Superintendent of Latta Schools


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Important District News

Click here to read a letter from Latta School District Superintendent, Dr. John Kirby, concerning school safety.

Dillon County Sheriff Major Hulon provides services of deputy on campus of Latta Early Childhood Center and Latta Elementary School during school time for the rest of this school year. Read more on this plan.


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Report to the People


LECC Report to the People 13-14

LES Report to the People 13-14

LMS Report to the People 13-14

LHS Report to the People 13-14


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District Personnel

Visit the Contact Us page to find information on contacting district personnel.


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District Facts

Updated 8/25/2009


Small town/Rural district

90 square miles
1990 District Census 6,820 people
4 schools with grades 4-12 1,758 students
Latta Early Childhood Center (grades 4K-1) 342 students
Latta Elementary School (grades 2-5) 539 students
Latta Middle School (grades 6-8) 369 students
Latta High School (grades 9-12) 508 students
Facts on the facilities

LECC on same campus as LES

LES built 1953; additions 1956, 1966, 1969, 1984, 1991; remodeled 1983, 1992, 1997
LMS built 1954; additions 1962, 1969, 1972; remodeled 1983, 1997
LHS built 1974; additions 1976, 1981, 1992, 1998; remodeled 1992, 1996
All schools accredited by the State and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
83% of students transported by bus
16 bus routes daily (10 regular a.m./p.m., 2 special needs, 3 vocational, 1 midday 4-year-old kindergarten)
977 miles driven daily by buses
175,860 miles driven annually by buses
12 employees (11 drivers, 1 supervisor)
3 activity buses (1971, 1982, 1991)
Food Service
15 employees (5 operators, 2 head cooks, 3 cashiers, 3 managers, 1 supervisor)
Student meal cost full pay





Average number of meals served annually for entire district





Total Meals        416,467
Average number of meals served daily










180 employees (105 professional, 75 classified)
52% of professional staff have Masters Degree or higher
14 years experience is the teacher average
17% of teachers are male
18% of teachers are African-American
16% of total employees are male
32% of total employees are African-American
Pupil / Teacher ratios not including Administrators, Librarians, Counselors, Special Ed. Teachers
LES (grades 3K-5) 17:1
LMS (grades 6-8)    20:1
LHS (grades 9-12) 17:1
48% Female
45% Minority
72% on free/reduced lunch status
11% classified special needs
100% of students involved in career planning
Average SAT for seniors is 971 (State average is 953)
97% + each year seniors pass exit exam
50% of seniors attend post-secondary schools


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Directions to the Latta School District


Latta School District

205 King Street

Latta, SC 29565


Directions from Columbia, SC

 Take I-20 East until you run into I-95 at Florence

Take I-95 North for about 20 minutes or so

Take Latta exit 181 off of I-95 and turn right (East) onto Highway 38

Go East approximately one mile until you reach the turn for Highway 917

You’ll turn left onto Highway 917 from Highway 38

After about six miles highway 917 will bring you straight into Latta on Main Street

At the second stoplight turn left onto Highway 301 headed north

At the next stoplight turn right onto Academy Street next to Latta Middle School

Turn right at the next street which is King Street and you’ll be at the District Office.


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