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Latta School District Board Policy



AA School district legal status
AC Nondiscrimination/Equal opportunity
AD Educational philosophy/School district mission
ADB Drug-free schools
ADC Tobacco-free schools
ADF Wellness policies on physical activity and nutrition
AE Accountability/Commitment to accomplishment
AE-R Accountability/Commitment to Accomplishment
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BA School board operational goals
BB School board legal status
BBA Board powers and duties
BBAA Board member authority and responsibilities
BBB Board membership - appointment
BBBA Board member qualifications
BBBC Board member resignation
BBBE Unexpired term fulfillment/vacancies
BC Board member conduct
BCA Board member code of ethics
BCB Board member conflict of interest
BD Organization of the school board
BD-R Board Officers
BDD Board-superintendent relationship
BDE Board committees
BDF Advisory committees
BDF-R Advisory committees
BDG School attorney/legal services
BDG-R School attorney/legal services
BDH Board consultants/staff assistants
BE School board meetings
BEC Executive sessions/open meetings
BED Meeting procedures/bylaws
BEDA Notification of board meetings
BEDB Agenda
BEDG Minutes of board meetings
  BEDH Public participation at meetings
BEDI News media services at board meetings
BEE Public hearings
BG School board policy process
BG-R School board policy process
BI School board member services
BIA New member orientation
BID Board member compensation and expenses
BIE Board member insurance/liability
BJ School board legislative program
BJ-R School board legislative program
BK School board memberships in professional associations
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CA Administration goals/priority objectives
CB School superintendent
CBC Superintendent's duties and responsibilities
CBD Superintendent's contract
CBI Evaluation of superintendent
CC Administrative organization
CCA Organization chart
CCB Line and staff relations
CF School building administration
CFA School principals/building administrators
CFC Assignment and transfer of building administrators
CH Policy implementation
CHA/CHB Policy implementation/Development of administrative rules
CM School district annual reports
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DA Fiscal management goals/priority objectives
DB Annual budget
DC Taxing and borrowing
DD Funding proposals, grants and special projects
DF Revenues from nontax sources
DFG Tuition income
DI Fiscal accounting and reporting
DID Inventories/fixed assets
DIE Fiscal accounting/audits
DIE-R Fiscal accounting/audits
DJ Purchasing
DJG Vendor relations
DJGA Sales calls and demonstrations
DJ-R Purchasing
DK Payment procedures
DKB Salary deductions
DKC Expense authorization/reimbursement
DN School properties disposition
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EA Support services goals/priority objectives
EBA Building and grounds inspections
EBAB Hazardous materials
EBB Accident prevention and safety procedures
EBBA Prevention of disease/infection transmission
EBC Emergencies
EBC-R Emergencies  
EBCB Safety drills
EBCE School closings and cancellations
EC Buildings/Grounds/Property management
ECA Security
ECAC Vandalism
ECB Building and grounds maintenance
ED Materials and equipment management
ED-R Materials and equipment management
EDE Waste management and recycling
EE Transportation services
EEA Student transportation
EEAE Bus safety program
EEAE-R Bus safety program
EEAE-E Drug and alcohol testing program acknowledgement form
EEAEC Student conduct on buses
EEAEC-R Student conduct on buses
EEAF Special use of buses
EEAG Student transportation in private vehicles
EF Food services
EF-R Student Meal Charge Policy
EFE Competitive food sales/vending machines
EFE-R Competitive food sales/vending machines
EG Office services
EGA Communication services
EGAD Copyright compliance
EGAD-R Copyright compliance
EH Data management
EHB Data/Records retention
EI Insurance program/risk management
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FA Facilities development goals/priority objectives
FB Facilities planning
FF Naming facilities
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GA Personnel goals/priority objectives
GB General personnel policies
GBA Open hiring/equal employment opportunity and affirmative action
GBAA Harrassment and sexual harassment
GBAA-R Harrassment and sexual harassment
GBAA-E1 Sexual harassment of employees complaint form
GBAA-E2 Sexual harassment free workplace policy
GBB Staff involvement in decision making
GBC Staff compensation
GBE Staff rights and responsibilities
GBEA Staff ethics/conflict of interests
GBEB Staff conduct
GBEBA Staff dress code
GBEBB Staff conduct with students
GBEBB-R Staff conduct with students
GBEBBA Communication devices
GBEBC Gifts to and solicitations by staff
GBEBDA Criminal record checks
GBEC Drug-free schools
GBEC-E Notice to employees
GBED Tobacco-free schools/Staff no smoking/Smoking
GBG Staff welfare/protection
GBGA Staff health
GBGD Workers' compensation
GBH Staff participation in community activities
GBI Staff participation in political activities
GBJ Personnel records and files
GBK Staff concerns/complaints/grievances
GBK-R Staff concerns/complaints/grievances
GBK-E Grievance form
GC Professional staff
GCA Professional staff positions
GCB Professional staff contracts
GCBD Professional staff fringe benefits
GCC Professional staff leaves and absences
GCC-R Professional staff leaves and absences
GCC-E Employee rights and responsibilities under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
GCCA Instructional staff leaves and absences
GCCAB Instructional staff emergency/legal leave
GCCAD Instructional staff military leave
GCCAE Staff conferences/training/workshops
GCD Professional staff vacations and holidays
GCE Professional staff recruiting
GCEC Posting and advertising of professional staff vacancies
GCF Professional staff hiring
GCF-R Professional staff recruitment and employment
  GCFB Hiring of administrative staff
GCG Part-time and substitute professional staff employment
GCG-R Part-time and substitute professional staff employment
GCI Professional staff development
GCK Professional staff assignments and transfers
GCK-R Professional staff assignments and transfers
GCM Professional staff work load
GCMD Instructional staff extra duty
GCN Supervision of professional staff
GCNA Supervision of instructional staff
GCO Evaluation of professional staff
GCO-R Evaluation of professional staff
GCOA Evaluation of instructional staff
GCOA-R Evaluation of instructional staff
GCQ Professional staff termination of employment
GCQA/GCQB Instructional staff/administrative staff reduction in force
GCQC/GCQD Resignation of instructional staff/administrative staff
GCQE Retirement of professional staff
GCQF Discipline, suspension and dismissal of professional staff
GCQF-R Discipline, suspension and dismissal of professional staff
GCR Nonschool employment of professional staff
GCRD Tutoring for pay
GD Support/Classified staff
GDA Support staff positions
GDB Support staff contracts and compensation
GDBC Support staff supplementary pay/overtime
GDBC-R Support staff supplementary pay/overtime
GDBD Support staff fringe benefits
GDC Support staff leaves and absences
GDC-R Support staff leaves and absences
GDC-E Family and Medical Leave Act (FLMA)
GDCAB Support staff emergency/legal leave
GDCAD Support staff military leave
GDD Support staff vacations and holidays
GDF Support staff hiring
GDJ Support staff assignments and transfers
GDO Evaluation of support staff
GDQ Support staff termination of employment
GDQB Resignation of support staff
GDQC Retirement of support staff
GDQD Discipline, suspension and dismissal of support staff
GDQD-R Discipline, suspension and dismissal of support staff
GDR Nonschool employment by support staff
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IA Instructional goals and learning objectives
IB Academic freedom
IC School year
ID School day
IE Organization of instruction
IG Curriculum development, adoption and review
IGCA Service Learning
IH Curriculum programs
IHA Basic instructional program
IHAA English/Reading/Writing/Language arts education
IHAB Mathematics education
IHAC Social studies education
IHAD Science education
IHAE Physical education
IHAF Arts education
IHAG Music education
IHAH Foreign language education
IHAJ Computer/Technology literacy
IHAK Character education
IHAL Teaching about religion
IHAM Health education
IHAM-E Opt-Out Form, CPR and AED Instruction
IHAN Driver training
IHAO Environmental education
IHAQ Career/Transition-to-work education
IHB Special instructional programs
IHBA Special education/Programs for the handicapped/ disabled students
IHBA-E Delegation of Rights to Make Educational Decisions
IHBB Gifted and talented education
IHBC Programs for at-risk/disadvantaged students
IHBE Bilingual Instruction
IHBEA Instructional Services for Limited English Proficiency Students
IHBEA-R Instructional Services for Limited English Proficiency Students
IHBF Medical Homebound instruction
IHBG Home schooling
IHBG-R Home schooling
IHBH Charter schools
IHBI Kindergarten programs
IHBIB Primary/Pre-primary education (Child development)
IHBIB-R Primary/Pre-primary education (Child development)
IHC Extended instructional programs
IHCA Summer school
IHCD Advanced college placement
IHCD-R Advanced college placement
IHCF Childcare programs
IHD Adult/Community education
II Instructional arrangements
IIA Grouping for instruction
IJ Instructional resources and materials
IJ-E Notification of rights under the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA)
IJA Comparability of Services
IJJ Textbook selection and adoption
IJK Supplementary materials selection and adoption
IJKA Technology resource selection and adoption
IJL Library/media center materials selection and adoption
IJN Instructional services
IJND Technology resources
IJNDAA Distance Education
IJNDAA-R Distance, online and virtual education
IJNDB Use of technology resources in instruction
IJNDB-R Use of technology resources in instruction
IJO Community learning resources
IJOA Field trips
IJOA-R Field trips
IJOB/IJOC Resource persons/school volunteers
IJOC-R School volunteers
IK Academic achievement
IKA Grading/Assessment systems
IKA-R Grading/Assessment systems
IKAA Tests and examinations
IKAB Report cards/progress reports
IKAC Conferences
IKACA Parent Conferences
IKADD Content and Credit Recovery
IKADD-R Content and Credit Recovery
IKADD-E Credit Recovery Application
IKB Homework
IKB-R Homework
IKD Honor rolls
IKE Promotion and retention of students
IKE-R Promotion and retention of students
  IKEA Make-up opportunities
IKF Graduation requirements
IKFC Employability Credential
IKFC-R Employability Credential
IKF-R Graduation requirements
IL Evaluation of instructional programs
ILB Test/Assessment administration
ILB-R Test/Assessment administration
ILBB State program assessments
ILBB-R State program assessments
IM Miscellaneous instructional policies
IMB Teaching about controversial/sensitive issues
IMC Controversial speakers/programs
IMD School ceremonies and observations
IMDB Flag displays
IMDC Religious observances and displays
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JA Student policies goals/priority objectives
JB Equal education opportunity/nondiscrimination
JC School attendance areas
JCA Assignment of students to school
JE Student attendance
JEB Entrance age
JF Student admissions to/withdrawals from school
JFA Admission procedures
JFAA Admission of resident students
JFAB Nonresident students
JFABC Transfers and withdrawals
JFABD Admission of homeless students
JFABD-R Admission of homeless students
JFABD-E1 Dispute resolution procedures
JFABD-E2 Written notification of enrollment decision
JFABD-E3 Written notification of enrollment decision (dispute)
JFABE Admission of Limited English Proficiency and Migrant Students
JFABF Students in Foster Care
JFC Student withdrawal from school/Drop-outs
JH Student absences and excuses
JH-R Student absences and excuses
JHA Tardiness
JHC Released time for students
JHCB Released time for religious instruction
JHCB-R Released time for religious instruction
JI Student rights and responsibilities
JIA Due process
  JIAA Sexual harassment of students
  JIAA-R Sexual harassment of students
  JIAA-E Sexual harassment complaint form
JIC Student conduct
JICA Student dress
JICD Student conduct in school
JICDA Code of conduct
JICDA-R Code of conduct
JICEA School-related student publications
JICF Secret societies/gang activity
JICFA Hazing
JICFAA Harassment, Intimidation or Bullying
JICG Tobacco use by students
JICH Drug and alcohol use by students
JICI Weapons in school
JICJ Possession/use of electronic communication devices in school
JIH Student interrogations, searches and arrests
JIH-R Student interrogations, searches and arrests
JIHC Use of metal detectors
JIHC-R Use of metal detectors
JII Student concerns, complaints and grievances
JII-R Student concerns, complaints and grievances
JJ Student activities
JJ-R Student activities
JJA Student organizations
JJAB Limited open/closed forums
JJE Student fundraising activities
JJE-R Student fundraising activities
JJF Student activities funds
JJG Contests for students
JJI Student athletics
JK Student discipline
JKA Corporal punishment
JKD Suspension of students
JKD-R Suspension of students
JKE Expulsion of students
JKE-R Expulsion of students
JL Student welfare/safety
JLA Student insurance programs
JLC Student health services and requirements
JLCC Communicable/Infectious diseases
JLCC-R Communicable/Infectious diseases
JLCD Assisting students with medications
JLCD-R Assisting students with medications
JLCD-E1 Indemnification/hold harmless agreement for self-adminstration of medication
JLCD-E2 Guidelines for a registered nurse to train an unlicensed school employee to assist students with medications
JLCDC Food Allergies and Special Dietary Needs
JLCDC-R Food Allergies and Special Dietary Needs
JLCE First aid and emergency medical care
  JLCEE Automated external defibrillators (AEDs)
  JLCEE-R Automated external defibrillators (AEDs)
  JLCEE-E1 Designated AED users
  JLCEE-E2 Designated AED users
  JLCEE-E3 Designated AED users
  JLCEE-E4 School facilities AED Inspection Log
    JLCEF Concussions and Student Athletes
    JLCEF-R Concussions and Student Athletes
    JLCEF-E Concussions and Student Athletes
  JLCF School Nurses
JLD Guidance and counseling
    JLDBB Self-esteem promotion/Suicide prevention
    JLDBB-R Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention
JLF Student welfare
JP Student donations and gifts
JQ Student fees, fines and charges
JR Student information
JRA Student records
JRA-E Opt-Out Information for Parents/Legal Guardians of all students in grades nine through Twelve.
JRA-R Student records
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KA School-community-home relations goals/priority objectives
KB Parent involvement in education
KBB Parent rights and responsibilities
KBE Relations with parent organizations
KBE-R Relations with parent organizations
KC Community involvement in education
KCA School community relations goals/priority objectives
KCD Public gifts/donations to schools
KD Public information and communications
KDB Public's right to know/freedom of information
KDB-R Public's Right to Know / Freedom of Information / Fee Schedule
KDD Media relations
KDDA Press releases, conferences and interviews
KE Public concerns and complaints
KEC Public concerns/complaints about instructional resources
KEC-R Public concerns/complaints about instructional resources
KEC-E Citizen's request for review of education materials
KF Community use of school facilities
  KFA Public conduct on district property
  KFAA Open Community Use of School Recreational Areas
KF-E Fee schedule for school facilities
KH Solicitations in schools
KHC Distribution/Posting of promotional materials
KHE Political solicitations in schools
KI Visitors
KL Relations with government authorities
KLG Relations with law enforcement authorities
KLGA School Resource Officers
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LA Education agency/interorganizational relations/goals/priority objectives
LB Relations with other schools and school systems
LBA Shared services and staff
LD Relations with colleges and universities
LDA Student teaching and internships
LH Relations with education accreditation agencies
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