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 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday- January 15th



School Winner: Jacob Mijalli and second place Hendley Ann McIntyre


5th Grade Winner: Hendley Ann McIntyre

Classroom Winners:

Ammons ~ Brooke Gasque

Bowman ~ Bryce Hargrove

Cooke ~ Trevelle Moore

Hayes ~ Andre Doughty

Sawyer ~ Hendley Ann McIntyre


6th grade Winner: Jacob Mijalli


Classroom Winners :

Mrs. Bethea - Mackenzie Coker

Mrs. Harrison - Melanie Diaz

Mrs. Carmichael - Jacob Mijalli

Mrs. Baxley -Eniya Frazier

Mrs. Lane - Marissa Williams



7th Grade Winner: John Chesley Gasque


Small Core 1 - Chris Blackmon

Core 2 - Kayla Hennagan

Core 3 - Nathan Holloman

Collins Core 1:  Colton Pruitt     

Core 2: John Chesley Gasque       

Core 3: Braeden Arnette   


8th GradeWinner: Aliyah Summerford

Richards  - Nick Hunsinger

Richards  - Raven Branham

Richards  - Gabe Sherman

Graham - Christian Herman

Graham - Aliyah Summerford

Graham - Johnathon Kersey




Students throughout the school (middle and high school across Dillon County)were asked  to write an essay on what they think Dillon County will look/be like in 50 years...

Overall School Winners: Jacob Mijalli, John Chesley Gasque and Leah Mckenzie


Grade level winners will receive a prize from the school and all winners will receive a certificate at the end of the year.


5th grade WINNER – Kalynn Arnette (Bowman/Ammons)

Sawyer Class Winner: Preston Brown

Hayes/Cooke Class Winner: Brody Martin and Joshua Owens

Ammons/Bowman Class Winner: Kalyn Arnette and Makayla Legette


6th grade LATTA MIDDLE SCHOOL WINNER -  Jacob Mijalli


Bethea Classroom winners:  Jacob Mijalli (Carmichael's HR),

Farah-Lynn Gardner (Harrison's HR),

Ricky German (Bethea's HR)


Lane's Classroom winners: Lane's HR - Alaina Wilkes

Baxley's HR - KateLynn Roberts


7th grade LATTA MIDDLE SCHOOL WINNER - John C.  Gasque

Classroom Winners - Collins

Core 2 - Brycelyn Berry

Core 3 - Diamond Johnson

Classroom Winners-Small

Core 1-Maia Wallace

Core 2 - Kayla Hennagen

Core 3 - Jena Stutler


8th grade LATTA MIDDLE SCHOOL WINNER: Leah McKenzie (Graham)


Richards' English 8 Core 1: Raven Branham

Richards' English 8 Core 2: Samuel Hall

Richards' English 9 H Core 3: Faith Sorensen


Graham Class Winners:

Jasmin Williams

Krish Patel

Leah Williams


Hurricane Disaster Relief

 Students at LMS collected items for Hurricane Relief victims.  The items collected were: bottled water, toothbrushes, toothpaste, towels, wash cloths, soap, shampoo, baby wipes, diapers, etc.   Maddie B., Leila J., and Hendley Ann M. had the vision to lead this project.  The project was sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  The items have been passed on to a local disaster relief team who will transport the items to much needed areas.  Thank you for all who contributed!

 High Five Honors Board


The following students were chosen to be on the High Five Honors Board for this week .

John Lane, Lindsey Webster, Kayleb Roberts, Miranda Lee, Melanie Diaz, Krish Patel, Kaylee Homer, Jacob Roberts, Brianna Clark, Infinity Burns, Maddie Berry, Jena Stutler, Kristina Williamson, Charlie Floria, Mrs. Sawyer's class, and Harley Caulder


Congratulations to these students!  Thank you for following expectations and for making Latta Middle School an awesome place to learn!  This week’s winner will receive a free admission to a JV sporting event. The winner is…Melanie Diaz.


Staff member recognized this week at LMS:

Mrs. Connie Lane teaches 6th grade language arts.  Thank you for all you do for our students.




 District Acceptable Use Policy


Students at LMS must have a permission form on file to use the new Chrome Books.



2018 Spring Break Trip

Any 7th and 8th grade students ( as well as rising 6th grade students) interested in the 2018 Spring Break trip to France, Austria, Switzerland, and Germany can get more information from Mrs. Bean at LMS or Mrs. Christy Berry from LHS.


Parents/Guardians..Request your free Duke Energy Kit  and credit our school by going online to MyEnergyKit.org or call the hotline at 1-855-386-9548.  For every 100 kits that are requested, our school receives $250.00



Rising 7th Graders

All rising 7th grade students will need to receive a TdaP booster shot before entering 7th grade. Please bring your updated immunization record to school for the school records. If you have any questions, please call Sue Brown, RN.