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Chicken and Rice
Green Peas
Collard Greens
Fresh Baby Carrots
FF Salad Dressing (HS)
Seasonal Red/Green Apples
100% Fruit Juice
Chef Salad, 2GB
Today's Breakfast
Mini French Toast
Cherry Fruit Pack
100% Juice
Choice of Milk
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Student Handbook

The Latta High School Student Handbook contains a great deal of information useful to parents, students, and staff. You can view or download the handbook at the following link: Student Handbook Link.


Latta High School is focused on ensuring student success through our 'Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports' program. Learn more about our PBIS efforts through the following links:

Shall Go

The Latta High School Shall Go is a student produced news source published periodically throughout the school year. Copies of the Shall Go are available through the links below, where you can read or download a copy:


Latta High School is requesting that parents of LHS students complete this survey to help us ascertain your beliefs and opinions about the school.