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Student Handbook

The Latta High School Student Handbook contains a great deal of information useful to parents, students, and staff. You can view or download the handbook at the following link:

Student Handbook Link

Once you have read the Student Handbook, please return the signed Student Handbook Signature Page to Mrs. Griffin in the LHS Front Office.

Student Handbook Signature Page

Safety Protocols for 2020-21

Please view the Safety Protocols for Latta High School for School Year 2020-21

Safety Protocols 2020-21


Click on a link below to view and/or print a PDF copy of school forms.

Beginning of Semester Information - August 2020

Logging Into your Chromebook

If you want to know how to log into your new Chromebook, watch this video: Click Here.

Troubleshooting Logins - Chromebook, APEX, and Google Classroom

Please use this form only if you need help with logging in to your Dillon District Three issued Chromebook or logging into your Google Classroom or APEX accounts on the Chromebook. For issues with your courses, please use the help instructions provided by your teacher. You can complete the form online at Troubleshooting Logins

Orientation Information

2020 Orientation Powerpoint

Mrs. Carmichael Orientation Video

Mr. Miles Orientation Video

Orientation for Virtual Students

Cell Phone Policy

The Latta High School Cell Phone Policy has been updated as of April 18, 2018. Henceforth, cell phone use will not be allowed at LHS. Although we understand that students may need to have their phones with them due to after school activities, if a cell phone is seen, heard, or in use, teachers will ask students for the phone and turn it into the office for parent pick-up ONLY between the hours of 3:20 - 4:30 PM. You can view or download the cell phone consequences and how to retrieve cell phones at the following link:

Cell Phone Policy Consequences


Latta High School is focused on ensuring student success through our 'Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports' program. Learn more about our PBIS efforts through the following links:

Substance Abuse

Mr. Shawn Myers spoke with LHS students about the consequences of substance abuse, including drugs, alcohol, and vaping. He shared his presentation with us so that students could review the information.

Substance Abuse Presentation

Shall Go

The Latta High School Shall Go is a student produced news source published periodically throughout the school year. Copies of the Shall Go are available through the links below, where you can read or download a copy:

School Renewal Plan DRAFT

The Latta High School School Renewal Plan DRAFT contains a great deal of information useful to parents, students, and staff. You can view or download the document at the following link:

School Renewal Plan DRAFT Link