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International Baccalaureate Organization

IB @ Latta High School

Current LHS IB Cohorts

IB Diploma Graduates

We are very proud of all the IB course and diploma candidates who graduate from Latta High School, but a select few earn the International Baccalaureate Diploma. This accomplishment connotes a spirit of achievement, perseverance, and determination that will serve them well in their lifetime. This gallery is a special recognition of those students.

Amber Campbell
Class of 2015

Dorian Webster
Class of 2015

Jonathan Anderson
Class of 2016

Andre Mace
Class of 2016

Tamara Spivey
Class of 2017
Photo of Brianna Carter, Class of 2018
Brianna Carter
Class of 2018
Photo of Preston Johnson, Class of 2018
Preston Johnson
Class of 2018
Photo of Briana Williams, Class of 2018
Briana Williams
Class of 2018

Latta High School IB Coordinator

Christy Berry

Office Phone: (843) 752-5751
Room: Library
Office Hours: 7:50 - 3:30 Weekdays

LHS Techbrarian
IB Diploma Coordinator

M.L.I.S. University of South Carolina
IB Coordination Trained Category 2
IB DP Extended Essay Trained Category 3
IB DP Librarians Trained Level 1 and 2
SC IB Schools Member