International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

Message from Superintendent

The IB Programme will allow our students the opportunity to choose courses that will have them competing in an international arena with students from all over the world. The challenges that will be met will allow our students to aspire to international levels and mastery that very few future citizens will have the opportunity to experience.

Success within this program of study will ensure that our students will not only be a vital part of the 21st century but will also be its leaders. This program has the potential to plant the necessary seeds of academic success for our students to realize extraordinary dreams and be the real history makers for the world.

Dr. John Kirby



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Latta High School IB Mission Statement

The mission of Latta High School is to provide the curriculum, facilities, personnel, and safe environment so that each student is given the opportunity to develop to his/her fullest potential in order to become an internationally minded, productive, self-reliant member of the work force, and an integral, contributing part of a global society.


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IB Diploma vs. IB Certificate

Latta High School will offer students the option of taking individual IB courses for certificate credit or taking all of the necessary courses to earn the IB Diploma. Students who are interested in a specific topic may want to take one or more courses to gain more knowledge of the subject or to better prepare themselves for college classes. Students who would like to earn the IB Diploma will be required to take 6 IB Courses including the three core requirements.

Courses will be SL (Standard Level) or HL (Higher Level). If you are interested in college credit, please remember that most colleges require that certificates be at HL level in order to receive credit for a single course.


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IB at Latta High School

The Diploma Programme is only open to high school juniors and seniors. Students who wish to enter the program are strongly encouraged to take appropriate courses to help prepare for
the rigor of the IB courses. Latta High School will offer the following IB courses:

  • English
  • Math Studies
  • Chemisty
  • Biology
  • History of Americas
  • Visual Arts
  • Spanish

If a student is pursuing the IB Diploma, they must complete the IB core requirements.

  • Creativity , Action, & Service (CAS) - Students will be asked to document their activities in the areas of creativity, action, and service to extend their knowledge beyond the classroom and pure academics.
  • Theory of Knowledge (ToK) - This course encourages students to dissect the ways in which knowledge happens and to examine why we think the way that we do.
  • Extended Essay - Students will complete an intensive research process that culminates in a top-notch research paper.


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LHS IB Brochure

International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) website

Recognition Policy Summaries - View IB policies from universities that accept the IB diploma and/or certificate.


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Contact Info

Martha Heyward

IB Coordinator



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